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This is an interview recently done with Houston rapper ZRO with one of my good friends – the Houston editor of There appears to be some discontent with the rapper and his Rap-a-Lot family. We’d certainly like to hear how RapaLot responds to this article:

ZRO: “I ain’t gon lie. This record that Rap-A-Lot’s going to put out, this is gon’ be the last one. I’m out the game after this one. I mean you ain’t gotta be no rocket scientist to know that you wanna be paid for your work man. This is gon’ be my 20th record coming out. This is album #20 right here.”

SOHH: That’s an average of 2 albums every year. You’ve been grindin’ man.

ZRO: “Yeah I’ve been grindin’ man. And when you’ve been grindin’ as much as I have, and you go check your bank account and your shit looks like my shit, its either time to do something else or it’s time to do something else.”

SOHH: Speaking of doing something else, what’s next for Z-Ro?

ZRO: “Sheeit, you might just not hear from me period because all I know how to do is music…”

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  1. I really hopes that ZRO keeps rapping. It’s actually best anyway because if rapping is what he’s good at that where he should stay.

  2. Hopefully ZRO keeps rapping because if rapping is all he knows how to do, we surely don’t want him to stop and be a zero.

  3. If zro stops rapping there’s not much else a person with his vocabulary can do except flip burgers, and he would probably have to clean his mouth up a bit.

  4. all it is that his album was released before houston got the “mainstream” nationwide exposure. no blame should be put on zro or rap-a-lot. Now that ral is with wmg/asylum, and that houston has this exposure, any houston/z-ro album that would come out now would sell at a level that would get him the grip he is looking for. z-ro is a great artist, its just that the “mainstream” wasn’t available at the time. but then again, he can continue trappin if he wants. if he could sit back, have some more patience, and manage to deal with the situation, he’ll be able to be at the level that he deserves (but at a nationwide level instead)

  5. I sure hope that he keep rapping because if he stops the crime rate will increase about 15% from him alone.

    That an angry individual!
    That brotha is like Debo off of Friday. (Gimme yo chain punk!)

    1. Zro I hope u don’t stop rappin man I think god has something special for him. Some people make music just because and real people like ro who has been puttin in work way before dj screw passed away actually has not had the recognition he deserves but at the same time he has a strong fan base I think and just like u said if he would just have a little more patience I think it will work out I’m almost in tears because ro is like tupac in the Texas scene he keeps it 100 and u can’t find too many real people now days.he is versitile and to think he is only worth about a million dollars is rediculous. This man is a legend and has bills to pay like regular people so pay this man he deserves every dollar this makes me mad man he is at war with a lot of people and different labels he has been with in the past. Ro if u see this message, I hope u keep on pushing man please I’m begging u I’m a big fan and I can’t say I know where u are coming from because I can’t imagine all the things he is going through but if it helps just know that u have fans that will cut for u know matter if u have a major deal or not and I am one of them

  6. Prime example of why our young people must have a plan when they realize not everyone can make it big in rap. ZRO is now face to face with real life. Wonder if he can cut hair? You know being a barber is an honorable profession. He could even pawn his chains for down payment of equipment and booth rental…


  8. All I got to say is dude is real. Weather he continues rappin or not we still got his knowledge on records. He is his own man so his choices are his own and no one can judge him except God. Much respect to Z-ro and the other real niggaz in the south. One

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