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The Excalibur awards ceremony was the place to be in Houston Thursday night. It was an event to honor public relations specialist in the region put on by The Public Relations Society of America. The Insite had the honor of being invited by P-R firm Lopez Negrete and Houston Socialite Julie Grayum. The event was packed with dozens of familiar faces. Here are just some that I can remember: Julie ‘The Socialite’ Grayum (Lopez Negrete), Frank Michel (Communications Director City of Houston), Eunice Munoz (Lopez Negrete), Doug Miller (KHOU), Mayor Bill White, County Judge Robert Eckels, Melinda Spaulding (KRIV) and many more. And by the way, Melinda did an excellent job serving as mistress of ceromonies. However, she must have been tired because there were more than 70 awards to announce for the the public relations specialist winners in the region. Some of the big winners Thursday night were the in-house public relations team of Shell Oil and the University of Houston. I could not keep up with the number of awards they took home. Also Lopez Negrete took home a list of awards after the event. The only disappointment at the event was County Judge Robert Eckels who had no idea who The Insite was when I took a picture with him. He treated me like a groupie. I said, “Hi, Judge I’m Isiah Carey from FOX.” He said, “Hi.” And that was it. I then followed up as the aggressive Insite does with “Can I get a picture for The Insite?” He said sure and I was preparing to take the picture when he asked if I wanted to be in it. I’m thinking – Okay – I must be a complete stranger to him despite the number of times I’ve covered and interviewed him. It reminds me of the time when the former spokesperson for the FBI in Houston ran into me at a jewelry convention. We had a very rough reporter/spokesperson relationship. Strained, very strained. But when I ran into him at the convention he walked up to me and said My name is — —–, who are you. Now, I know he knew who I was because I had just written a letter complaining about him to his supervisor. He called my name fifty times after his supervisor told him about the letter. He even called me to try and forge a better working relationship. But that particular time he had amnesia. I wonder if the Judge forgot or just didn’t care. The Insite is once again mortally wounded….Enjoy the pictures from the Insite cam. (CLICK TO ENLARGE)

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  1. Don’t feel bad Ike, on occassion strangers have walked up to Judge Eckels and referred to him as Mayor White. At least he didn’t think you were Sgt. Jack Oliver!

  2. Ike,

    The judge is getting old and he can’t remember just one of the about 3 black male reporters in town. Keep your head up my brotha. One day he’ll think of the Insight.

  3. I say it again. Melinda Spaulding is too fine. Damn.

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