If you watched FOX 26 news Friday night you may be very familiar with this story. 21 families have been living in the heat and dark for nearly two weeks. It came after a June 27 fire gutted a portion of the St. Joseph’s apartments in southeast Houston. As a result of the fire that also claimed the lives of three young children, 21 poor families were left without power. Vietnam native Dau Nguyen, an elderly woman, says she doesn’t know how she’s gonna survive if she doesn’t get some help. They’re hoping the Red Cross or some other social organization can help them out. I was floored to learn that all of these families including seniors and little children were in the dark for 10 days and counting without any significant help to get them into some air conditioning. A group called The Boat People SOS is also trying to find help to get the mostly Vietnamese residents out of the burned out complex. Let me know what you think about this sad situation. If you would like to help contact The Boat People SOS…and tell them The Insite sent you:

(As first seen on FOX 26 news at 9pm Friday)


  1. Anonymous July 9, 2006 2:39 pm 

    The Red Cross does not repair air conditioners or power grids- it’s not part of their charter.

  2. Serena July 9, 2006 10:16 pm 

    Doesn’t the City of Houston have some laws/regulations about not leaving part of a complex without electricity?

  3. Anonymous July 9, 2006 11:15 pm 

    The building is probably going to be condemned, even if it isn’t then the owners are going to have to fix the damage. Trust me the complex is in shambles already and I don’t know if there is any money to fix the building.

  4. Anonymous July 9, 2006 11:59 pm 

    I just emailed the SOS people. I’m going to give a donation to help these people out. Thanks Isiah for bringing it to our attention. This is sad people have to live like this. I think if poor people need the help of the government, the government should be there. Because they waste no time in collecting out taxes.

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