This is an update from Insite friend Jonathan Nguyen (Chevron External Relations) who took it upon himself to work tirelessly and spearhead the effort to help several forgotten families at the St. Joseph apartments in southeast Houston. Some families live in the complex that was gutted by fire for more than 10 days without power. Here’s the bullet point update. And thanks Jonathan for caring enough to get something done…

· With the help of the St. Joseph CollaborationÂ’s housing subcommittee, of which I am a member, the City of HoustonÂ’s Mayor Office, and Center Point, seven of the eight units that were without electricity have regained electricity. Unit #303 is still without electricity because of improper wiring that was done inside the unit. The improper wiring was done prior to the fire and a certified electrician needs to come out to the unit to correct the problem before Center Point can turn electricity back to that unit

· Catholic CharitiesÂ’ St. Vincent de Paul and Catholic CharitiesÂ’ Guadalupe Center have been working to provide foods, clothing to the families that are affected. Catholic Charities will also help out the families that were assigned to them with replacing documents that were lost in the fire

· Other organizations like Boat People SOS and Asian American Family Services are also helping out with families that were assigned to them

· Boat People SOS was at the apartment complex donating toys, clothes, a computer to the family with nine children that needs a computer for the son who is attending college

· The St. Joseph Collaboration Team is also working on helping with the restoration of the burned units. However, this is something that will require time, a lot of planning, and help from different sources since none of the victim families carries homeowner insurance