As first reported on FOX 26 news at 9 by The Insite – City parking personnel and HPD are running stings on people who are abusing handicap placards. Parking enforcement head Liliana Rambo says hundreds of people abuse the system by using the handicap displays to get out of paying for city parking meters. We went out on Dallas between Main and San Jacinto Thursday where we found 26 out of 29 cars in a 2 block area with the handicap placards displayed on the street. Rambo says many of the people use the notices simply to park closer to their jobs downtown and walk in without a hint of disability. The city is now pushing to have the placards limited to four hours at city parking meters rather than unlimited the way it is now. And now the Insite wants to know if you agree with the 4 hour limit for handicap placards?



  1. Anonymous July 21, 2006 7:05 am 

    Your story forgot to mention that some people are handicapped due to heart problems or other internal problems and they don’t appear to be handicapped from the outside.

    Most the people using handicapped parking will have a visable sign of their handicapped, but not everyone.

    I thought they changed the way the permits were designed so that the person’s driver’s license number was posted on the permit? This way, this person would have to be in the vehicle at time it was being parked in a handicapped space?

  2. John July 21, 2006 7:09 am 

    why don’t we just add bad breath and feet odor as reasons to get the damn placards. the list just seems to get longer everyday. i think 4 hours is long enough to handle your business and move on.

  3. Anonymous July 21, 2006 7:40 am 

    The four-hour limit would free up the spaces so that people like me, a disabled person, can actually find a spot.

    I am so tired of people abusing our hangtags. The hangtags MUST match the number on the drivers license, or it’s considered fraudulent.

    So, regardless if you have a visible disability or not, the hangtag should match. If it doesn’t, it’s considered fraudulent, meaning you stole it, bought it at a fleamarket or you’re using your grandmother’s.

    Besides, the meters weren’t designed for parking all day. That’s what parking lots and garages are for.

    The ADA protects us by requiring our employers to provide “reasonable accessible parking accommodations.” They must provide, or pay for, a space. Nobody’s expected to park at a meter all day for work. That’s ridiculous.

  4. Anonymous July 21, 2006 8:01 am 

    Some of those people who park all day at meters work downtown. Anyone who has a placard and works downtown has a parking space provided for them that has “accessability.” It is just easier for them to park at the meter than use their own desiganted spot. Meanwhile, their spot goes unused. That should stop.

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