Event planners and party promoters are a dime a dozen in Houston but it’s rare when one actually sticks out and becomes a brand. Big Chad is that promoter who has actually become a name in Houston’s entertainment Industry. He is constantly reinventing the promotions game with technology others haven’t quite grasped yet. I was at home Sunday when my phone rang and it was a computerized voice inviting me to a party. It said press #1 if you accept this e-pass. I wondered what is an e-pass. So I wrote Big Chad and asked him to explain while stopping by The Insite…


Insite: What made you come up with the idea?

Chad: One degree of separation. In nightclub promotion, you have to
constantly "recreate" your brand and image. New Concepts like e-pass
translate into building a "buzz" around you (the promoter) and your

E-Pass is my recognition that in this age of ever-changing technology,
Urbanthang (my company) has to be "ahead" of the curve. Cell phones are
Rapidly becoming "your digital assistant" literally! You can play music,
watch tv, email, IM and surf the web. I pioneered email advertising (for
nightclub promotion) as a low cost, high yield vehicle for club
promoters. Email Advertising has recently become so saturated that the
overall platform is loosing its effectiveness. Patrons tune out clutter
in their email inboxs. In addition, Spam filters also stifle the direct
ability to market to consumers. Now I have the ability to instantly "touch"
my subscribers with the latest events, news and information. Real time. Anywhere.

Insite: How does e-pass work?

Chad: Basically E-Pass is a custom IVR/VOIP (Voice over IP)
application that personally I designed and developed using XML/ASP.NET.
It has 3 main components.

1) A Electronic ticketing system - A patron can call or via web request
electronic passes/coupons (e-pass) that can be sent directly to their
cell phone. The E-Passes can be used for FREE and Discounted Admission
as well as drink coupons (for FREE GREY GOOSE). The patron simply shows
the E-Pass to the Doorman or Bartender to redeem. Their number is stored
when they register their cell phone with the service. Thus, the reach or
power grows constantly. It is a VIRAL application at heart!

2) A Voice/Wireless Broadcast Service - I can instantly distribute
messages in the form of SMS and or Voice Blast(s). Voice blast(s) are
TTS (text to speech) calls which included pre-recorded audio. This
message may be a radio ad for an upcoming event. The patron also has the
ability to request an e-pass right from the call. Finally, if the person
does not answer the phone..the service politely leaves a voicemail...

3) A Viral/Referral System - Subscribers can also send Voice Blasts to
their friends (who can also request e-passes)

Insite: Worst party promoting experience you ever had?

Chad: Finding out that my business partner had been stealing from me for over
a year..

Insite: Best and worst celebrities you've worked with?

Chad: BEST - MIKE JONES (check us out Sundays at club ice age -
http://www.urbanthang.com/blast/mike.htm )WORST - I plead the 5th. As a promoter, you can't alienate anyone...:)

Thanks for dropping by The Insite Chad...


  1. Jefferson Dakota July 23, 2006 12:29 pm 

    I think Big Chad needs to hook up with Michael Garfield. From one hi tech guru to another, they could own the world.

  2. Anonymous July 23, 2006 2:37 pm 

    Big Chad is a fraud dude just like most of these promoters in Houston. They are just out for themselves. He’s a jerk who thinks that he is doing something big but is really playing catch up. Whatever

  3. Anonymous July 23, 2006 2:46 pm 

    I didn’t know the Insite had haters too. Chad is doing big things. Don’t hate because no one will come to your promotions. The only fraud is you. And I know who you are.

  4. Anonymous July 24, 2006 6:50 am 


  5. BIG CHAD MILLS - Urbanthang.com July 24, 2006 10:07 am 

    Special thanks to Isiah for covering me on the INSITE.

    To the anonymous poster
    “playing Catch up?”

    heh heh…that was my laugh for the day.

    ::CUE T.I. Song “Motivation”::

  6. Anonymous July 24, 2006 9:07 pm 

    Hands down Chad has the industry on lock and I wish him the best. Those who really know him on a personal basis knows he’s very vindictive, manipulative, and hateful. If you have ever told him something personal and you and Chad aren’t cool anymore trust me about 4 or 5 other people know your business. He calls his self the black Bill Gates but, the real Bill Gates is not hateful or vindictive.

    Think about it

  7. Anonymous July 24, 2006 9:15 pm 

    Hands down Chad has the industry on lock???????????


  8. Anonymous July 26, 2006 11:07 am 

    I’ve known Chad or “BC” as the world knows him for some YEARS, and for those ‘haters’, he’s all of those bad things, yet none of those bad things (he will TRY to talk bad to me when he reads this).

    I’ve known Chad since 1991, and he’s truly come into his own. Always been a smart cat, but somewhere along the way, he decided to let his talents shine. The problem is him not having the right people on his team, not surrounding himself with positive folks, which sometimes lead you to be ‘all of those things’, to quote myself.

    @jefferson dakota, I can’t say I know who Michael Garfield is (immediately), but I can say this – if he’s an older cat, not into the everyday foolishness of it all and down to take care of his business, than he and Chad (if the hook-up were to take place), could definitely own the world, or at least the Houston world for now. Some mature relationships won’t hurt him, and after those relationships blossom, you won’t see ‘any of those things’.

    So people, let’s just support the brotha, shall we? And if not, don’t go to the party he’s promoting, get bent off the $2 drinks he’s made possible, then get back on the blogs and talk bad about (throat clear)…BC. Maybe if you were doing even a 1/3 of what he is, you won’t have AS MUCH to say.

    Think about that…

  9. Pickcha Mann July 26, 2006 12:35 pm 

    Chad has done it! He has made Houston the spot all together! I’m with you Big Chad “Black Bill Gates” until the end!

    Pickcha Mann

  10. Anonymous July 31, 2006 4:32 pm 

    chad is a decent guy. but the black bill gates is a bit much. you have to promote a whole lot more than what you have to gain that title! besides b. gates don’t live with his mom. he is a mini fraud but he is still decent. say B.C. what happen to the black card???? and lastly, Club Ice Age is hot b/c o Mike Jones not CHAD!!!

  11. Anonymous August 3, 2006 4:47 pm 

    BS = ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    Never ceases to amaze me how the “crab in a barrell” mentality is so entrenched in everyday life. This guy is doing something positive (for the most part by himself when 6-7 other of these promoters cats have to team up), and no where in this article did he take a shot at anyone. It makes you think where all these negative comments really originate from…envy…hate…

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