Okay, folks I’ve been away for a hot minute due to the pink eye so I let the kids have it on the computer…On yesterday a friend of the family (13 year old female) came over to use the computer. She said she wanted to check her site out on myspace…So I talked to her about what I saw on MSNBC about adults preying on children. Afterwards I asked if her parents were aware that she visited and posted on the site and she acknowledged they knew and that only her friends could view her page. The question of the day is does your child have a myspace webpage? Do you think it’s safe? And if so, at for what age?? Do you monitor you kids internet activities?? Do you agree/disagree with them having chatroom conversations??? Would you let them post on the Isiah Carey’s “INSITE”?

By the way Isiah are you still posting on myspace??


  1. Jason July 31, 2006 3:20 pm 

    I believe myspace is only for 14 year olds and older. Look on the rules page it should tell you. I feel parents of younger children NEED to monitor their kids’ internet activity. You can allot them some privacy, but when they are gone, check their history and archives and such. Be aware who they are chatting with and do not let them correspond with strangers.

  2. Anonymous July 31, 2006 3:32 pm 

    Isiah you’re too damn old to have a myspace.com page. Unless you’re trying to support FOX which owns Myspace.com

    By the way, I wouldn’t allow my kids on the sleezy site.

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