Police union sponsors rally for public safety, homeland security, and law enforcement

Cops want public support to arrest criminals, foreign and
Thursday, September 28, 2006 Houston, TX

(HPPU/FOP) Lodge 109 is sponsoring a rally to drum up
public support for public safety, homeland security, and
law enforcement.
HPPU/FOP believes that the current on’t ask, don’t tell
immigration policy of the Houston Police Department hampers
homeland security and law enforcement by preventing
intelligence gathering and enforcement of criminal laws.
The implied “hands off” general order and the lack of
training in immigration law has allowed illegal immigrant
criminal gangs to fester and consequently jeopardize public
safety and place law enforcement officers at risk.
The rally will be held at the City of Houston City Hall
reflecting pool on Tuesday morning, October 3, 2006 from 11
A. M. until 1 P. M. The general public is invited to show
their support.