The Phenomena Police was conceived two years after Lieutenant Harry Zamora and his wife Lesli moved into a house in north Houston Texas.
Immediately after they moved in, strange and unusual things began happening. Lights would turn on after they had been turned off at night. Doors would lock by themselves, water faucets would turn, things would move about, electrical appliances would turn on, visitors would hear footsteps and see shadow figures. They would experience cold chills as though someone was watching them, etc.
Being a police officer of over 24 years, he refused to accept anything other than the tangible. It took several months of attempting to find answers alone before he realized there was truly something strange about the house. He called on fellow police officers to substantiate what he felt was paranormal activity.

After several officers personally experienced the unusual activity, he called upon a theologian, paranormal investigator, psychic, and buddhist philosopher to provide their opinions as to what the activity could be.
The paranormal investigator (Cathi Bunn) was the first to enter the house and attempt to document the activity. She claimed the house was occupied by so called “ghosts” and “spirits.” The theologian (Pastor Bart Franco) stated the house was built on a burial ground and haunted by “tormented spirits.” He blessed the house and anointed it with holy oil. The psychic (refused to be named here) stated the house had spirits of past occupants. The Buddhist Philosopher (Phil Chan) stated the house belonged to those who had been murdered over one hundred years earlier on the property and their bodies disposed of in a manner that nobody would ever discover them. Slaves killed, ground in meat grinders and fed to livestock.
After all those brought in to investigate and provide their opinions, Lieutenant Harry Zamora called upon fellow police officer and K-9 expert, George Cavitt. He came out with five police cadaver dogs and began what was to be the final invesitgation. One by one, his dogs went straight to lieutenant Zamora’s house and alerted on the same areas that the others had previously mentioned as final resting places. The entire investigation was documented by video tape and is archived for future reference.
Word of the officer’s experiences moved quickly among other officers in the police department that they began receiving stories of other haunted places. Officers began to more openly accept the unusual and began investigating violent crime scenes where murders had taken place only to find the same unusual phenomena that they had witnessed at Lieutenant Zamora’s residence.
At the request of officers and citizens, an investigative unit was formed to prove or disprove similar cases involving paranormal activity. Thus the Phenomena Police was formed.