I’m going to be completely honest with you guys. I received an invitation in the mail that said you are invited to an unbelievable happy hour – so from that I was really excited. So, I get on the road Friday to go to that happy hour on Providence in the fifth ward. As I moved closer to the so called ‘happy hour’ I was like okay I don’t know any clubs or bars in this area. As I approached my designated block of Providence and saw a large number of cars I was thinking this happy hour is going to be off the chain. But as I got closer I noticed all the cars were parked around what appeared to be a church. I’m thinking to myself – this church is going to be disfellowshipped or expelled for selling drinks. As you can tell I’m having a blonde moment. But what I didn’t realize is that Friday Night Live is a religious event that’s billed as a christian happy hour. It was held at Mount Corinth Baptist church in the fifth ward. So I had to change my whole mind set and get in the gospel mood. And boy did I end up satisfied. This was a great event put on by the church for its members who chose to spend their Friday night with an ‘A’ list group of enetertainers – gospel sangers and not singers. They were better than any nightclub act could try to be. It was uplifting, inspirational and all the spiritual food you need for your diet. Fridday Night Live at Mount Corinth was celebrating it’s 1 year anniversary. It was hosted by Master P ministries and that’s not the rapper. Also the emcee of the event was none other than Madd Hadda of the Madd Hadda Morning show on 97.9 fm. If you have a chance, make sure you go to Friday Night Live. It’s well worth the attendance!