The last thing I’m interested in is trying to defend a rich athlete but after several calls this begs to be written. The Insite received several calls from Houston Police Officers who were at 61 Riesner Tuesday night when the arresting officers arrived with Houston Texans player Fred Weary. They say after reading over the report and using their years of experience the arrest just raises suspicion. As many of you know the football player was arrested Tuesday after being stopped for not having a license plate on the front of his vehicle. HPD reports the player was arrested after becoming verbally combative and resisting the arrest of two Houston police officers. Weary was eventually tasered by the female officer. But The Insite is being told by some officers the question they have is resisting arrest for what? He had his license and the violation – a traffic violation – typically doesn’t end with an arrest. So what was he resisting arrest for? Were the officers going to arrest him for the license tag or illegally changing lanes in his Chevy with rims. I’m told Weary said why did you stop me? My sources tell me the male officer responded “I don’t have to explain myself to you.” And if Weary actually pushed one of the officers why didn’t they file assault charges because after all he’s over 6 feet tall and 300 pounds. HPD Insiders say the officers – particularly the female – became very intimidated with this big guy and panicked. So they had to arrest him after using the taser according to police officers. You just don’t let someone walk away if they have been tasered – so they were stuck with Weary and a ride to jail. Weary reportedly told one of the officers The Insite talked with that he didn’t do anything to deserve the arrest – he says all he asked is “why did you pull me over” and he also says the illegal lane change allegedly happened after he tried to pull over for the officers. So did the officers panic because they encountered this big guy or did they want to teach a rich football player a lesson? Do you have any questions about the arrest or are you like most and just don’t care?

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