Roy Morales is the latest candidate to through his hat into the ring for the At Large Council seat left vacant by Gibbs. His bio is below:

Retired Lt. Col., Roy Morales, will seek Houston City Council At-Large Position 3. Morales is a highly decorated military veteran and businessman, with more than 23 years of honorable service to our country. Colonel Morales is a summa cum laude graduate with a B.A. from the University of Texas at Dallas, a B.S. from Chapman University and a M.S. degree from the Air Force Institute of Technology. While assigned to the Joint Command and Control Warfare Center, he convinced the Office of Secretary of Defense to integrate new technologies into national strategic plans to achieve military dominance. Working with the National Security Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency and the other military services, he developed the US military information warfare strategic policy and planning orders to defeat terrorism. Morales was also one of Houston’s top Homeland Security officials.

He ran for Houston City Council in 2005 against Council Member Peter Brown nearly forcing Brown into a run-off. In this campaign, Morales was endorsed by over 100 precinct chairs, conservative coalitions, business associations, police organizations, military veterans and diverse ethnic associations.

Last March, many community activists and leaders encouraged Morales to run for Houston City Council At-Large 3. Since this position is now unfilled he continues to receive many calls asking him to run for this important position.

Colonel Morales continues to work across our community. He is listening to voters’ issues and concerns. He has structured solutions to Houston’s most pressing problems. His goals for this office are the following:

1. Fight Crime – Crime has escalated in our city. We must strengthen our police in our neighborhoods. He will listen to our police officers and follow through with helping them solve these serious problems.
2. Sensible Solutions to Illegal Immigration –
Support our Federal Government to secure our borders. Morales believes that all Americans must do their part to help our country solve this problem. He strongly supports ending the Sanctuary program which will give police the ability to question lawbreakers if they are US citizens. He is NOT FOR PROFILING of any ethnic or racial group. He will promote safe and secure programs for all our children to battle against street gangs like MS 13.
3. Improve Homeland Security and Emergency Services –
Protect our families and businesses from growing terrorist groups. Morales will do everything in his power to protect the valuable Houston resources such as our port, oil and petroleum industries, medical center and NASA.
4. Eliminate Wasteful Spending and End Property Taxes – Ensure the City’s general budget does not grow more than inflation or population growth. Investigate new ideas to eliminate out of control property taxes. The data suggests that slight adjustments in sales tax of some goods could replace residential property taxes and give greater buying power to consumers.

Contact: (713) 383-7825 or