Here’s a press release The Insite received about allegations surrounding a Humble Police officer. You be the judge:

Will Humble Police Internal Affairs Conduct A Fair and Impartial Investigation Against One of Its Own?

Humble, Texas-On December 6, 2006, at 9:00 a.m. a 17 year old Humble High School student, Demarea Morales, along with his parents will file a formal complaint with Humble Police Internal Affairs requesting them to investigate the questionable circumstances under which officer David Scott arrested Demarea Morales. This arrest derived from Demarea observing a fight at Humble High School at about 3:00 p.m.

Reportedly, two fights occurred at approximately the same time and locations between two Hispanic females and two African American males. Although approximately 30 other students observed the fights, reportedly Demarea was arrested after telling the police that he did not know what happened during the fight between the African American males because he was watching the fight between the Hispanic females. For observing a fight, Demarea was held in jailed over 24 hours at Humble jail facility and transferred to Harris County Jail and held an additional 11 hours. Officer Scott also arrested another African American male, Brandon Rawls, who did not participate in or witness the fights. Immediately after filing the complaint, a press conference will be held at 10:00 a.m. on the sidewalk in front of the Humble Police Department, 310 North Bender Ave., Humble, Texas 77338. The following community leaders will join Demarea and his family: Deric Muhammad, Nation of Islam Minister of Justice; Tammie Campbell, Civil Rights Activist; Rev. Robert Jefferson, Houston Ministers Against Crime; Jos� Jimenez, Deputy District Director for LULA District Director A; Lisa Johnson, Justice & Freedom Committee; and NAACP Representatives. Reportedly, Humble Police Officer David Scott did not advise Demarea of the Miranda law, which requires police officers to inform individuals of their constitutional/fundamental right to remain silent and right to counsel. Other reported police misconduct included: making a bogus arrest and untrue statements in his, Officer Scott�s, police report alleging that Demarea gave a false report to police officer (Note, Demarea never gave or signed a written statement and Officer Scott never recorded Demarea�s statement), violating Humble ISD�s school policy for arresting students that requires a police officer to provide the principal with a summons or warrant for the principal to deliver the student into the officer�s custody, threatening and intimidating Demarea while questioning him at school and following through with his threat by arresting Demarea at school without probable cause.