I truly don’t know what it was about the week of December 17th – but The Insite definitely became a member of the service industry on at least three occasions. And I can’t blame it on the ‘black thing’ because it came from both races. So it appears for one week I was the unidentifiable reporter. Let’s begin at a local restaurant. It’s as good a place as any to start. I’m standing in front of this Houston eatery waiting on my car to be brought to me by the valet. As I wait this very drunk young woman walks up to me and hands me her keys and asks how much does she owe me. Without hesitation I said $20 dollars. She actually gave me the money. Her friend, who was with her, realized I wasn’t the valet so I gave her the money back. I also turned over the keys to her friends new fancy Lexus SUV. Next incident takes me to Advantage BMW on the edge of downtown Houston. I’m walking through the service department’s waiting area when a guy comes up to me and asks if I’m the limo driver. Of course, I said yes and where do you need to go sir? He said he needed me to go to the front of the building to pick up one of the dealership’s clients. I said of course. That client may still be waiting for me at the front of Advantage BMW. Third and final case of the week places me in a department store in The Woodlands. This man walks up to me and asks if I could help him find a tie. By now, I’m tired of being a member of the service industry so I tell the guy I don’t work in the store. Nothing fancy or exciting about that encounter – I just walked away and so did he. But it left me wondering what was it about the week of December 17th and The Insite that made me look so much like a member of the service Industry. Do you have any ideas? I bet it was the polka dot ties!