It was several months ago when a good friend brought this issue to my attention. In all honesty, I blew that person off when he told me he believed the word ‘thug’ has become the new ‘n’ word. So you’re wondering how in the world did that person come up with such a conclusion? Well, he took the examples he had recently heard in the mass media. His examples: people describing African Americans allegedly looting during hurricane Katrina as ‘thugs’, an analyst on ESPN describing a mostly African American basketball team getting into a big brawl during a game as a bunch of ‘thugs’, and a group of African American teenagers accused of beating up a white male in Detroit was also called a group of ‘thugs’. That’s all I can recall. But what brought this subject up today? I was driving home and listening to a talk show on KTRH. A white female called in and described Darrent Williams – the Denver Broncos quarterback – who was recently gunned down as a ‘thug’. She went on to say the NFL and the NBA was full of thugs that was sanctioned by white men. That caller also said white men seem to ignore “these thugs” behavior even though they’re horrible role models. The talk show host had to stop her because he said he didn’t know where she was going with her tirade. But that brings me to the question of the day – do you think ‘thug’ is the new ‘n’ word or at least a modifier? Just a question – don’t attack for sharing a slice of the Insite life!