I had just arrived in Houston on Sunday September 2, 2001 for a new job at FOX 26. I was very excited to move to the Bayou City after living in Memphis for two years. When I got here I knew only a few people: Damali Keith, Tracy White, Horace Chaney and Julie ‘The Socialite’ Grayum. So I called all of them to let them know I was in town for my new gig. Julie realized my hotel was only blocks away from her home so she told me she was coming over. Julie and I had been friends since 1995 when she was the morning anchor at KARK-TV in Little Rock and I served as an investigative reporter. Well anyway, Julie told me that she would be bringing a friend. So I said cool. When she arrived at my hotel I automatically assumed she was dating this older guy (she wasn’t) that came with her. He seemed a bit odd to me so I kept my distance. He was wearing this scruffy looking hat, with worn jeans and a leather jacket in the heat. I’m thinking boy Julie certainly can do better than this. So this guy comes into my hotel room sits down and starts talking about how he records a lot in Memphis. I’m thinking this guy is quite a liar and a con artist. He tells me how he collects all of this African art. So I’m wondering where did Julie find this piece of work? Next, he asks if he can have something to drink out of my mini refrigerator in the hotel room. I said yes. He goes in and grabs the last cold one and ignores the cokes. I’m thinking – da–. So after a while we decide to go down the street to Guadalajara restaurant. As we walk in I notice the waitress gets excited and heads towards us. I’m thought dang, I’m getting this kind of attention and I’m not even on tv yet. Needless to say, the waitress walks by me and straight to this guy Julie is with. She eventually seats us at the best table in the place. At this point I still don’t get it. A hour or so passes and now we’re just sitting at the table and the guy says he wants to play cards. I’m thinking “Mr. Drink my last cold one” you’re not in a casino. So he tells the waitress and she leaves the restaurant and goes out and buys him playing cards. I’m thinking what the h—. Finally, when the bill arrives I’m thinking I better get this or we will be washing the dishes all night. The guy motions to me and tells me to put up my wallet. Happily, I put it up without hesitation. He then pulls out this wad of cash that’s bigger than my head and pays the bill. Okay, I’m now starting to believe this guy is a drug dealer who’s holding Julie hostage. Anyway, that night comes and goes. Julie calls me the next day and says her friend doesn’t think I like him very much. I tell her that’s not true because I don’t really know him. A week or so goes by and we go out with this same guy again. It was another strange night like before where people were falling all over themselves waiting on this guy. I still didn’t get it. So one day I’m at Julie’s house and a song comes on the radio and she says there’s Billy. I’m like Billy who? She says the dang guy you’ve been hanging out with for a week. I said he has a song on the radio? She says he virtually owns the radio in Houston. So I asked what is the name of his group? She said “ZZ TOP and he’s Billy Gibbons, the one you didn’t want to give your last cold one to last Sunday.” I’m like dang, now I get it. And that’s how The Insite met Billy Gibbons in my first week in Houston. Just a slice of The Insite’s life!