City Council hopefuls starting to make plans

It may seem early to start talking about City Council races, but prospective candidates can start raising money next month, and they’re already lining up for the five seats that will be open.

Forbidden by city term limits from running again are council members Ada Edwards of District D, which includes the Third Ward and Montrose; Addie Wiseman of District E, which consists mostly of Kingwood and Clear Lake; Carol Alvarado of District I, which encompasses downtown and East End neighborhoods; and Michael Berry, who holds at-large Position 5.

The Position 3 at-large seat is vacant since Shelley Sekula-Gibbs resigned in November for a brief stint in the U.S. House. She would have been term-limited had she kept the council seat. Here’s how things are shaping up based on interviews with candidates and others plugged into the city political scene:

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