If recently released former Houston city council member and state legislator Ben Reyes (with white scarf) thought he would be without friends and supporters in Houston – he was wrong. Reyes attended the recent Roast of State Senator Rodney Ellis on Friday night at the Hilton and was treated like an old family member returning home after a long journey. Reyes even had a chance to speak at the roast about Ellis and almost choked up as he thanked the Senator for his friendship and unwavering support. The former political powerhouse got a standing ovation from those attending the event. Ellis also talked about how Reyes is already back in the thick of community service by trying to help an elderly lady get her electric cut back on. After the packed event it seemed Reyes was the hot ticket because everyone from Robert Muhammad to Shelia Jackson Lee scrambled to take a picture with the man they called a good person!

Note: For those of you who have been buried under a rock – Reyes was recently released from federal prison after an 8 year stint for bribery and conspiracy.


  1. f carter August 29, 2013 2:24 pm 

    I knew Ben when I was a city cop, remember him as arrogant and holier than thou attitude. He took the Mex. Consulate for over a large sum of money on a skim of selling parking meters to the city. It was known he hired his entire family.
    like all criminals they are all sorry after they get caught, now the once big man is defuse and disarmed, nothing left but his dreams of grantor, that passed in the night of no return
    just another politician that hit the dust! I can never forgive him for claiming he received the purple heart in battle ……never!

  2. Michelle August 31, 2013 1:46 pm 

    A long time ago,Mr.Reyes did things for the people in his community.
    I can see why people would be happy to see him again.
    If you are on the outside looking in,I would think you could not understand.
    The racism that ran like wildfire thru his part of the Eastside was at its lowest under his care.
    And the people were/are thankful for that.
    As for myself…
    My father knew Mr.Reyes,He was always very nice an would always stop to speak to my father.
    I found the man to be a jerk and cold when really studied him while they spoke.
    I hope hes doing things,like helping to get a lady’s electricity turned back on.
    He owes the people that have stayed faithful to his good years for still being there for him.
    He owes the Mexican Consulate an apology and he owes ALL Veterans a very big Apology for saying he was a vet with the Sacred Purple Heart.
    It is given to only the best of the best which he is Not.
    I hold my grandfathers Purple Heart in my hand and know what he did to receive one…
    Mr.Reyes should be ashamed of himself.

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