Council Member M. J. Khan and Police Chief Harold Hurtt have organized the City’s first Business Owners Public Safety Awareness Tour for District F. The event is co-sponsored by some of the leading merchants in the district and will take place on Monday, January 29, 2007 beginning at 1:00 PM at Shahnai Restaurant located at 5920 Hillcroft. All business owners, employees, and merchants in District F are invited to be present to share their concerns about the crime and safety issues they face. Council Member Khan hopes this tour will help jumpstart some much needed dialogue between City officials and the businesses that bare the brunt of much of the crime in Houston’s neighborhoods. Council Member Khan states that, “The significant crime rate in Houston has negatively affected all of our lives or welfare in one way or another. Maybe you have been a victim of credit card fraud or bad checks, repeated burglaries, loitering or criminal trespassing. We have found that even though, in some areas, the crime rate has decreased, our businesses still bear a disproportionate level of criminal activity. We are determined to decrease the number of crimes committed against your businesses and your customers, as has been done in other areas of the city.” The tour will include four stops throughout District F. It will begin at 1PM at Shahnai Restaurant located at 5920 Hillcroft, proceed to Centre Mart located at 9700 Harwin at 1:45 PM, then Hong Kong Mall located at 11205 Bellaire at 2:45 PM, and end at the Royal Center Hall located at 11923 Bissonnet at 3:45 PM. Anyone wishing to participate is invited to attend any of the stops along the tour.

Representatives on the local and state level will be involved the day of the tour to meet with constituents and learn more about the issues District F businesses encounter.