If you’ve worked in the news business in Houston you probably remember Mason Turner from WB-39’s assignments desk. He left the company last year to become an entrepreneur. He’s also having a great time seeing his kids more often since leaving the news business. But it hasn’t been just relaxation for the former newsman…Turner has a product on the market he would like all you moms and dads to see. He says it will put your kids to sleep like a pillow top mattress. Check it out below and head to Mason’s site for more details:

What does the Dream Mover do?

Your baby just loves to be rocked. This gentle movement reminds them of being in the womb where they felt safe and secure. When your baby cries, your natural reaction is either to cradle them in your arms or place them in a stroller and rock them back and forth mimicking the movement of the womb. The motion of a car also works and many bleary-eyed parents have resorted to a late night car journeys in the hope of getting some sleep. Now, thanks to Dream Mover, this can be a thing of the past. Find time to get on with everyday life, have a meal without having to get up 3 times, or even get some of that much needed “me” time.

How Does it work?

Dream Mover works by gently rocking your baby back and forth at the same rate as a mothers resting heart beat 60-70bpm, the rate that you would instinctively rock your baby. It also emits a quiet soft ‘shooshing’ sound which reminds your baby of being in the womb and relaxes them. Simply place your baby in a stroller, car seat, pram or even a changing mat, plug in the Dream Mover and watch in wonder as they are gently soothed and quickly settled. It can also be used to help develop a natural sleep routine and is cheap to run so it can be left operating safely overnight, ensuring sweet dreams for YOU and baby too!