The Insite was at the barber shop on Friday when these very loud people walked in. One in the group was pretty quiet. Then one of the barbers said, “damn y’all big.” Someone else asked if they played basketball because all three of them were over 6 feet tall. Then after some grilling one revealed himself to be Green Bay Packers player De Michael Montgomery. He said he was #96 on the team. All of us in the barber shop weren’t still quite sure who he was because his name didn’t ring a bell. And then one of the loud mouth barbers yelled ,”do you start on the team man?” You could’ve heard a pin drop. I was embarassed for the guy because I knew what the answer would be. He replied, “no.” But one of his buddies said, “but he gets a lot of play time.” Montgomery and the fellas said they were in the barber shop to get hair cuts before they jet out to Las Vegas for the NBA All Star game. And that’s the Insite’s encounter with De Michael Montgomery. By the way, the other two people – Montgomery’s older brother and another football player from Texas A&M!