Lampson Votes Against Our Troops and the War on Terror

Dear Fellow Republican,

While Shelley Sekula Gibbs was supporting the troops at a blood drive at Ellington Field and honoring an injured Marine who is clinging to life, Democrat Nick Lampson was putting our troops in danger by voting for a resolution against the War in Iraq.

Like other liberals, aligned with Nancy Pelosi, Lampson voted against sending 21,000 additional combat troops to Iraq to support the troops there and to battle the war on terror. America’s enemies delight in such anti-American votes. Congressional Resolution (H Con Res 63) emboldens terrorists to build more IED’s and kill more U.S. troops. This resolution sends a clear message to our brave men and women serving in the military – the U.S. House of Representatives is not behind you. Republicans in the Senate have blocked a similar resolution with the threat of a filibuster.

Mr. Lampson, who lives in Beaumont, told voters in CD 22 during his campaign that he would represent their conservative values but he has forgotten his pledge and he is marching in lock step with liberals Nancy Pelosi, John Murtha and Steny Hoyer.

Shelley is Helping Our Troops at Home

Former Congressmember Shelley Sekula Gibbs, M.D. spent the weekend encouraging patriotic Americans to give blood during a blood drive at Ellington Field.

“When our troops are injured they need blood and they need it quickly. We are at war against terrorists who want to kill our troops and then move on to kill U.S. citizens at home. Americans can help our brave military men and women by giving a precious gift – their own blood. As a doctor I know how important it is to constantly restock the blood supplies. It is easy to do, only hurts a tiny bit, and will save lives.”

Sekula Gibbs then went to an open house celebrating the survival of Lance Corporal Chris LeBleu who suffered acute liver failure while serving in Iraq and is now recovering from a liver transplant. The Bay Area Builders Association, under the direction of Jeff Owens, Tracey Goza and many generous builders and contractors, built and furnished a new house in South Fork subdivision in Pearland, TX. Corporal LeBleu and his wife Melanie are overjoyed with the support of these patriotic people who wish him a speedy recovery. Former BABA president Dan Wallrath echoed the feelings of everyone there by saying, “Chris gave everything he had to protect our freedom. The Bay Area Builders Association is doing what it can to make his and Melanie’s life a little easier.”