The Houston Police Department took part in an effort to take some dunk drivers off the roads. The department worked with several other law enforcement agencies in the effort. Here’s the information provided by HPD to The Insite!

The Houston Police Department participated in the Texas Department of Transportation Impaired Driving Mobilization program aimed at arresting persons for driving while under the influence. The program was open to any officer, department wide, who had completed the DWI certification course. The program, which ran from March 9 through March 19, produced the following results:

126 DWI arrests
56 other arrests which included: 35 for city warrants
nine for driving while license suspended
one for felony endangering a child
one for intoxication assault one for evading arrest
one for resisting arrest
one for carrying a prohibited weapon

In addition to these arrests, officers also wrote 57 speeding citations, 37 hazardous moving violations and 160 various other citations.