I thought this was an interesting email I received from a viewer. It’s about the poor service and what some see as a racist waitress at a local restaurant. What do you think?

Mr. Carey,

I’m e-mailing you this e-mail to bring much needed exposure to
XXXXXXXX in Bellaire, TX. During lunch my co-workers and I
decided to try something new on friday afternoon. We heard a lot of good things about XXXXXXX, the food is good, great atmosphere, but not how they treat blacks eating
in their restaurant! When entering the restaurant everything was cool. We were seated
in a nice booth but greeted slowly by our server. Eventually she came over to
greet us and ask for our drink order, but after that everything went downhill.
Our server began to ignore us by walking pass us turning her head and sighing
when we waved to her for help or to place our food orders. We finally placed our
orders even though we were waiting on our other co-worker. We informed her
that we would have another person join and she said that was ok.
So she left and came back later after our other party came in. Initially, I informed
my co-worker that our server is terrible. She noticed but we didn’t say anything to
managers because it was kind of busy. When getting our food the order was wrong,
my friend didn’t get salad dressing as she requested and my other friend did not get
a water refill until it was time to leave. Then we decided our server was really
terrible so she will get a small tip. Not to mention, we waited forever to get our
ticket to pay. Again everytime we said something to the waitress she rolled her eyes
and huffed and puffed as if we were a total bother. Everyone paid and we left our tips in the book for her she looked in the books and began to get really angry. One friend
had not tipped yet and she asked her “NO TIP?” My friend said I need change
so she gave her change and took the amount she wanted for tip out of my friend’s money.
The waitress grabbed the books and walked off yelling and saying they make me sick.
She then came back over to the table and gave my friend her money back and said
“I don’t need your money and THAT’S WHY WE DON’T LIKE TO SERVE BLACKS WHEN THEY COME THROUGH because they don’t know how to tip.” We were shocked and outraged at this statement, we asked for a manager, but what good did that do. The first manager
came over and she laughed and said she doesn’t know better because she is from another country. We then asked for another manager because this manager was ok with
this ignorance. The male manager did refund our money but would not give us the
name of the server, he apologized but that was not enough! This restaurant should be EXPOSED because in this day and age this should not had happened to anyone!!! We felt embarrassed,
belittled, and enraged!!