Pokey Chatman, Lawyer Demanding Nearly $1 Million from LSU

Pokey Chatman

A lawyer representing former LSU Lady Tigers Basketball Coach Pokey Chatman is demanding the university pay Chatman nearly $900,000 to cover the remainder of her employment contract.

Attorney Mary Olive Pierson, who represents Chatman, says the former coach was forced to resign after being led to believe she had violated a university policy. Pierson says she and Chatman later learned no such policy exists.

Chatman resigned last month after allegations surfaced that she was previously involved in an inappropriate relationship with one of her former players. Pierson says Chatman is now seeking to rescind her resignation since it is their position that “the termination is without cause under the terms of the contract.”

Pierson says Chatman is “prepared to go forward with litigation” if an amicable resolution can not be reached. Pierson says, if legal action is necessary, she and her client will request not only the nearly $900,000 in compensation, but also “damages resulting from the manner in which she (Chatman) was treated.”