This is written by a good friend of The Insite in Montgomery County:

Montgomery County law enforcement continued to disprove society’s criminal stereotypes with two arrests Wednesday.

The Montgomery County Special Investigation Unit and Texas Department of Public Safety narcotics officers arrested Laura Jean Corrin, 20, and Garrett Matthew Dolloff, 19, at an apartment where officers confiscated marijuana valued between $5,000 and $6,000, along with $850 in currency and a loaded .45 semi-automatic pistol.

Corrin is a Montgomery College student who lives with her parents in their home in the Indian Springs subdivision of The Woodlands. Dolloff, who told police he is unemployed and does not attend college, listed a Conroe address when he was arrested. However, Public Data shows his Texas Driver’s License listed at his parents’ home in Magnolia. The Montgomery County Appraisal District lists the value of both homes at over $250,000.

SIU Sgt. David Womack said the pair was arrested in connection with the flow of hydroponic marijuana into South Montgomery County. Corrin and Dolloff, identified as boyfriend and girlfriend by police, were charged with state jail felony possession of marijuana (more than 4 ounces, less than 5 pounds).

SIU and DPS officers arrested the couple when they executed a search warrant at an a apartment located in the 500 block of FM 1488 around noon.

Womack said the warrant was the result of an ongoing investigation. “Our investigation began several weeks ago after we received tips that Dolloff was delivering marijuana to young people in The Woodlands area,” Womack said.

Corrin and Dolloff were in the apartment, but the legal resident was not home, he said. “The apartment belonged to a third party we believe to be the supplier (of marijuana),” he said.

There was no evidence indicating that the hydroponic marijuana was grown at the location, but there was a locked safe hidden inside a closet in the apartment which Womack says contained more than money. The pair claimed they did not know how to access the safe, but investigators still managed to get it opened.

“After the safe was opened approximately 1 pound of hydroponic marijuana was found inside, along with $850.00 cash,” Womack said. “Also inside the safe was the name of a person who will now have charges pending against him.” Hydroponic marijuana is selling for between $5,000 and $6,000 per pound in southeast Texas which is considerably more than when the plants are grown in dirt because of an extreme increase in the potency, according to Womack.