This is an article on FOX 26’s Predator Check from the Houston Chronicle:

As television stations bank special reports and investigations for use during the May sweeps, Houston’s Fox affiliate, KRIV, will continue its series of Predator Check reports. It’s a story Channel 26 has been consistently reporting for more than three years — long enough and consistently enough to call it a crusade.

Though Predator Check sounds like the controversial Dateline NBC series “To Catch a Predator,” it’s much less prurient than that. Predator Check does result in tracking the whereabouts of local child abusers — 31 fugitive sex offenders have been apprehended as a direct result of KRIV’s reports so far — but Channel 26’s campaign isn’t about Internet stings. It covers all facets of child safety in relation to the subject.

“Predator Check is a great service to the community,” said Katherine Cabaniss, executive director of Houston Crime Stoppers. “It’s been a very successful and worthwhile program. We have submitted 149 cases to Predator Check since spring 2004. Since then, 31 of those defendants have been arrested based on Crime Stoppers tips. It’s roughly a 21 percent captured rate.”

Success is measured not only by the number of arrests but also by the number of calls and e-mails the station regularly receives from concerned parents and grateful viewers.

The series is one of the reasons Channel 26 in February finished third in late news ratings and second in the mornings, said Kathy Williams (pictured above), the station’s news director.

Source: Houston Chronicle Photo of KRIV News Director snapped by: The Insite

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