We’re starting to hear conflicting stories of what happened to two members of the US military in the War on Terrorism. Should we be concerned about the alleged lies? Here’s a news report of the latest:

The brother of Pat Tillman, the soldier who saw Tillman die and the naval officer who eulogized him told Congress in emotional testimony Tuesday that the military misled the nation and betrayed Tillman’s family with false stories about how the former NFL star and San Jose native died.

Kevin Tillman, who served with his brother in an Army Ranger platoon, went further. With his mother, Mary Tillman, at his side and military brass sitting behind him, he accused leaders of “exploiting Pat’s death” with “deliberate, calculated lies” that suppressed how other Rangers killed Tillman in a 2004 friendly fire incident in Afghanistan.

“This wasn’t a misstep or error in judgment. The Army tried to hijack his virtue and legacy. It was simply horrific,” said Kevin Tillman, who was speaking in public for the first time about his brother’s death and how news about it was handled by the military. The purpose of the embellished story, he charged, was to deflect Americans’ attention from some unsavory aspects of the war in Iraq, and that it worked – for a while.

The hearing was the first congressional inquiry into problems of notifying families in a timely and truthful manner about their loved ones’ deaths on the battlefield, and the perils of distorting events in wartime to cast them in more positive light.

Waxman and his panel also heard from Jessica Lynch, the 19-year-old Army supply clerk captured during the first month of the Iraq war and then rescued by U.S. forces. Lynch testified Tuesday that Pentagon accounts depicting her as a “G.I. Jane” emptying her rifle at Iraqi soldiers before her capture were a public-relations fabrication.

Lynch said the military delayed her rescue by a day so they could film it. She went on to say they depicted her as a GI Jane type character who took out enemies as she was going down. She says that wasn’t true.

With this latest information in two high profile case do you think we as Americans have reason to question what the Department of Defense says? The Insite would like to hear your opinion!