First, let me say I’m not quite sure if the individual or individuals who recently responded to the Insite is the victim or the alleged activist group that charged a Houston woman to call a press conference – but the anonymous poster claims they are legit. This poster claims in an earlier email they were paid the $3500 to bring justice to the victim or to get justice. They say it was not for a press conference as I have reported here. But when was the last time any of you recall the NAACP, LULAC, the Urban League or even Dr. Martin Luther King charging someone to get justice? Civil rights organizations rely on fundraisers in the community to help with their daily operations and staffing rather than asking individuals to pay for help. The group also claims The Insite is writing about this issue for tv ratings. I don’t know how smart this group is but The Insite operates a blog – a web page. The story has never been on television. If you want to insult me please get the basic facts right. Also this group has tried to strong arm at least one tv station – demanding they send a crew to the pre-paid press conference in question. That station turned them down flat. So, as you’ve stated in your email “stop using us to boost your TV ratings…” I need to remind you – your group can’t seem to get on tv as previously noted. Here’s the latest email of denial The Insite has received:

Dear Mr. Carey,

Please, stop using us to boost your TV ratings by posting this $3,500.00 pay out to an alleged “Community Activist” on our behalf. We are perfectly aware that we don’t need a to pay a dime in order to get media coverage. We raised the funds and we knew what we were getting in return. Please stop insulting our intelligence and find yourself a more amusing or interesting story to tell to your audience. Peace