The Insite received a press release from Council Member Carol Alvarado Thursday and it indicates she is now working with Quannel X on a community issue. I have never heard of these two working together so it caught me by surprise. But here is the press release sent out by Alvarado’s office:

Council Member Alvarado Urges Neighborhood

Watch, Safety in Hardy/Crosstimbers Break-ins

Council Member Alvarado’s Office will participate in a Press Conference at 2:30 PM today with Community Activist Quannel X and other community groups in the 1200 Block of Sadler, 77022, as interested parties flyer the neighborhoods warning them of the dangers of an at-large criminal. Even with the arrest on May 20, someone is still at-large stemming from an attack early Wednesday morning.

“Since February, Houstonians in the Hardy/Crosstimbers neighborhoods have been targeted by a sexual predator whose intentions are nothing short of vile and disgusting. Residents in the Near Northside, as well as across the city should understand that while HPD is working hard to protect our city on a daily basis, the fact is that residents can protect themselves by staying alert,” said Council Member Carol Alvarado.

“I urge Houstonians to be mindful of unlocked doors and unsecured windows in their own homes – this is a simple but key way to keep criminals out. Houstonians should set up neighborhood watches and remember that if they detect suspicious behavior, they should dial 9-1-1.”

Council Member Carol Alvarado represents District I on the Houston City Council and serves on the Council’s Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security.