Movie director Joe Dante sent a quite a political message in the film ‘Homecoming’ under the Masters of Horror series. It’s basically a look at a Bush like administration where the President says in a speech he wishes all the soldiers who died in the Iraq like war could come back. Inexplicably, all the dead soldiers start to return in the form of zombies. The public is frightened and not quite sure why they have returned. Then there are scenes in the movie where the conservative pundits hit the airwaves saying it’s a blessing from God. The returning dead soldiers are then treated like heroes. But midway through the movie the public learns the soldiers want to come back from the dead to vote against the current Bush like President. One of the zombies shows up at a rally where the President is giving a speech and tells all those in attendance he wants to know why he died for a lie. The government reacts by declaring the zombies to be a public health threat. They’re all rounded up and put in camps. The republican strategist go back on television and say the soldiers are demons from hell and traitors to their country. There is also a classic line where one of the strategists says, “they have studied these creatures, they have no higher brain function…they’re intelligence level is basically that of a liberal.” It was hilarious. First, let me says it’s not a classic movie but if you’re into politics you may want to see it for laughs. It’s obvious director Joe Dante has a problem with the Bush Administration and the war in Iraq. I say go pick up ‘Homecoming’ for political giggles. It can be found under the Master of Horrors series at Walmart!

Note: This is the type of post you get when I’m stuck up til 4 in the morning watching television!