All my life, I’ve taken on the toughest challenges.

Growing up in Houston’s Third Ward, I overcame poverty, abuse and seemingly insurmountable odds by immersing myself in education and sports. I helped raise my brothers and sisters and went on to become a Rhodes Scholar nominee, a U.S. National track champion, the Female Athlete of the Century at the University of Houston, a successful attorney and – my most important job – a mom.

I learned some important lessons along the way. I learned we don’t win in life by pushing people down. We win by lifting them up. We don’t win by tearing communities apart. We win by bringing them together. Most of all, I learned that winning ultimately means nothing unless we give back – by serving others.

That’s why I’m running for Houston City Council, At-Large Position 5. And that’s why I’m asking you personally to join my campaign.

I have already earned the support of a broad cross-section of leaders like Congressman Ted Poe, former Governor Mark White, State Representatives Harold Dutton and Borris Miles, Houston City Council Members Ada Edwards and Sue Lovell, Ft. Bend County Constable Ruben Davis, Harris County Constable May Walker, The Reverend Ray Martin and The Jewish Herald Voice.

These and other leaders know that no other candidate in this race will work harder and smarter for Houston. They know my word is my bond. And they know no one can beat my sheer determination to improve our great city.

In the coming months, I will be sharing my ideas for Houston’s future and I look forward to hearing yours. There are several things we can all agree on:

  • All Houstonians deserve to be safe in our homes and neighborhoods. We need enough officers to do the job; but we also need to know that they can do the job fairly and effectively. That’s one of the reasons I helped expose the serious problems at the HPD crime lab – because when we convict innocent people, the criminals still run free.
  • We must increase our supply of affordable housing to keep Houston as the best place for families in America. I’ve been working as part of the Land Assemblage Redevelopment Authority to redevelop abandoned lots with affordable housing and get them back on the tax rolls. There is so much more we can do as a city – and I look forward to a healthy debate as the campaign progresses.
  • Economic development is the key to creating more high-wage jobs and expanding our tax base so that we can afford the services that contribute to a high quality of life. That includes creating an environment that fosters entrepreneurship and expanding Houston’s workforce training programs to make sure our residents have the skills to compete for the jobs of the future.
  • Every child deserves a chance to succeed – and I will fight every day to give our kids the same opportunities I had. My road out of poverty was paved with an excellent education and the chance to learn teamwork and leadership through after-school activities. I will work to create innovative partnerships between the city, other government agencies, non-profits and the private sector to keep our kids healthy and maximize their opportunity to learn.

I look forward to making an even bigger difference on these and other issues as a Houston City Council Member. But first I have to win, and at-large City Council races in Houston are among the most expensive in the nation. That’s why I am asking personally for your help today.

I would be honored and humbled by your generous support. Thank you.