Here’s the latest press release for the candidate who just recently lost the runoff bid for Houston city council:

The Morales Campaign is pleased to see that the number 1 issue in our Campaign and the number 1 issue in Houston, Illegal Immigration, has finally been addressed by the City. (see Houston Chronicle, June 21, 2007) The City decided to end it’s controversial policy of funding Day Labor Centers, but the timing is quite interesting.

As stated in the Chronicle, Marc Levinson (who was on Melissa Noriega’s endorsement list), director of the agency development for Neighborhood Centers Inc., indicated the decision had been made in late spring. Why was there not full disclosure to the citizens of Houston of that important decision? This key issue as well as eliminating the “Sanctuary City Policy” was part of the Morales Platform from day one

The chain of events smell of political manipulation due to a a hotly contested Special Election in which the Mayor had an obvious favorite. After City officials sent on misleading information to a Chronicle reporter indicating Roy Morales was not on the ballot (see Houston Chronicle March 7, 2007) when in fact he was, and then withholding key information concerning one of the hot button issues in the Special Election from citizens, to protect candidate Noriega from ever having to address that issue and be quoted on it, is a clear reflection of the breakdown in the system that in the end hurts the citizens of Houston.

The Morales Campaign has heard from voters throughout the City congratulating us on bringing forth the tough issues and standing up for them to affect change for our citizens in their everyday lives.