I was contacted by Houston Press reporter Rich Connelly Monday about some comments Houston attorney Brian Wice has made about me because of a post here on The Insite. I was surprised Wice was offended by the post. It was a post explaining what transpired on television during the Ashley Benton trial. Needless to say, Wice had some strong words about me. Here’s a look at the post on the Houston Press Blog entitled BLOG WAR:

Blog War!!
Mon Jul 02 2007, at 02:01:25 PM

Isiah Carey’s Insite, the always, perpetually, endlessly entertaining blog of the Fox 26 reporter (He loves the new Doobie Brothers DVD!!!! Almost as much as he loves exclamation points!!!), took a somewhat weird turn last week. Writing about the murder trial of Ashley Benton, the 17-year-old accused in the gang fight in Erwin Chew park, Carey took off after Benton’s attorney, Brian Wice. Wice has been a legal analyst for a number of stations in town and is a handy man with a soundbite, but he was apparently riffing too freely for Carey’s taste:

“Wice went off on the other gang member calling him a moron and a knuckle head. He even joked saying he had been practicing law since Jose’ Grinan and Pattie Shieh, the FOX morning anchors, were in middle school. But it was live reporter [Kristine] Galvan who interjected during the tirade telling Wice to remember a kid is dead here. That was enough to get him back on track. Kristine Galvan took control of an interview that could have gone way off. Do you think Wice went too far or was he just doing his job to represent his client in court?”

We asked Wice for his take on Isiah’s review, and he came through as only he can:

“Although I think Isiah is a good reporter, and I’ve always gotten along with him, I thought his take on what happened was totally bush league, something you’d think was written by a teenage blogger with a bad complexion sitting in his parent’s basement in a TV market the size of Wichita Falls. It’s funny that Isiah thought I had to be “reined in” by Kristine Galvan because Kristine, Christina Garza (another Fox reporter who covered the Benton trial) and the folks at the Ch. 26 assignment desk I talked to, told me they loved what I had to say in the live shot. When I think about Isiah’s blog, I remember what Racehorse Haynes used to say when some rookie prosecutor was giving him a hard time in trial over some nonsensical issue. ‘I’m just an old pack horse too busy thinking about pulling this cart to be worried about the flies buzzin’ around my ass.’” Snap. Isiah, it’s your turn!! Carey didn’t respond to an e-mail requesting a comment, but we’ll keep an eye out on his blog. Or, as he would say, “…..on his blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” — Richard Connelly

Here’s the response I gave Mr. Connelly on behalf of The Insite:


I didn’t know he (Wice) took the blog post personally. I’m truly sorry it offended him. I was just relaying what everyone saw on television. But if it upsets him, I truly apologize. If he wants me to remove it, I will. In the past I’ve taken several stories down that may have offended individuals. My goal isn’t to cause harm with the blog, it’s only to give some odd news others aren’t delivering. I’m sorry I offended Mr. Wice. However, I refuse to get into name calling with a highly regarded and well respected attorney in our community…

The Insite