If you’ve watched FOX 26 news lately you may have seen the new promo for veteran Houston reporter/troubleshooter Emily Akin. During a previous life she had a team of volunteers who helped her solve consumer problems. Now she has a similar segment called Take it to Akin. She will once again solve the consumer problems brought to her in our community. The segment begins July 16th on FOX. The Insite also had a chance to meet some of Akin’s volunteers who will help her troubleshoot problems. They were a great group of folk. So make sure you stay tuned for Take it to Akin coming on FOX 26 news!


  1. lessie.tillis February 6, 2012 5:51 pm 


    • Belinda Zermeno August 21, 2013 2:22 pm 

      My truck was in the Knapp Chevrolet three time for the same prloblem and return each time same plus warranty work now included. Told pickup truck on a tow to another shop. Mechanic say have. Major problems and no ride . This a week before school starts and 1200. 00 out of pocktet cost. Please help,Belinda Zermeno ,jezbelinda @me.com

  2. Glenn Tomblin February 22, 2012 1:50 pm 

    How do I submit a consumer problem to Akin’s Army??

    • joan alfaro September 5, 2012 6:48 pm 

      HELP HELP We are hard working volunteers for at@t formely known as souhtwestern bell telephone company we have benn volunteering at 1714 ashland bldg in the heights for several years now we do all volunteer work for our community every wednesday in the basement we were informed that the building has been sold and need to be out by dec 1st at@t will not help us at all we make homemade christmas trees decorated with beautiful skirts that are sent to san antonio each year for the wounded soliders to be put on there side tables several ladies make homemade lap quilts for the wounded soliders to put on there wheel chairs 200 trees were delived to lb j hopspital this year some are taken to veterans hospital we make homemade hug a bears from scratch to be given to small chidren at texas childrens hospital nursing homes for the elderly big red heart pillows are made st lukes for all the heart patients to hold to there heart at the hospital several homemade stocking were mad for va hospital to put by there bedsides our hug a bears goes to battered womens shelters we work hard every wednesday well as know we have no place to go until we have to move we dont want to shut down the wonderful work we do that makes soo many people happy each year we are asking for the gernerous people of houston to donate us a building to continue our work each week i thought we could air it on your channel to get the help we need desperately to keep this great work to be continued maybe the public could help us

    • Bridget O'Neill August 28, 2013 9:46 pm 

      Dear sir or madam,

      We recently had (2) two children come to our front porch and open a locked birdcage, and strangle our bird, Isaac. We had eye witnesses who contacted me to inform me of the facts of the incident. I contacted the Angleton Police Department to file an incident report. However, to no avail. We feel like we were given the run around, and absolutely NOTHING was resolved. Despite the evidence and the eye witnesses, we were told that not a single thing could be done to receive justice. Our bird Isaac was a member of our family, and we had him for 2 years. We spent countless number of hours training our bird, and he was a very tamed bird. We also taught Isaac to speak and to sing. We missed (2) two days of work due to our loss and our distress. It has been a horrible experience for my husband & I, as well as our dear children.
      Thank you so much for your time. We really appreciate you assisting us in bringing justice.

      ThankThis. has been a very distressing time. Please contact us. We would really appreciate your assistance in receiving has.

  3. David Scarbo March 20, 2012 3:01 pm 

    I have a complaint against Terry Vaughn RV. In 2008 a bought a 5th wheel. Service department installed hitch in my 2 week old truck. When i got home with new RV I found my tailgate damaged .Terry Vaughn denied damaging truck but repaired damage. In 2010 I had a newer RV in for axle trouble. When I got my RV back the fender a foot from where the axle was replaced was damaged . I called dealer.They denied damaging my RV put repaired damage. I just had my RV repaired last week . I had a landing leg issue. Joel West RV did repairs . They told me the RV was dropped. The holding bracket was bent out and up toward the 2nd leg. The upper leg gear was partially stripped and finally broke. Terry Vaughn RV is the only place that lifts RV’s with a forklift with landing legs down and mostly uneven because of there parking area. Terry Vaughn RV denies damaging my RV again. Terry Vaughn’s service manager thought maybe someone just ran into the side of my RV and only damaged the one leg. Do you see the pattern yet. I don’t know if they will fix camper this time but they need to be investigated for not revealing damage to customers when an accident happens. Manager said they would get back with me.
    Can you help me?
    David Scarbo

  4. hehenhwSheila Norris June 9, 2012 9:01 am 

    I have a complaint against Comcast. On 3-10-2012, a driver Comcast parked beside my car and as doing so, he scratched the back side of my car. The driver never reported the accident and when I called and reported it, they begin to give me the run around.They asked me to get estimates when I finally spoke to a claim represinitive who sent out an appraiser. I didn’t hear anything else for sevral weeks. I called the claim rep. many times before I finally spoke to her about the claim, she said that they couldn’t get any information on the accident along with other excuses, when I gave her the name of the driver, his license plate number and other information they might have needed. I took pictures of the vehicle parked closely on the side of me in front of my resident (apt). The final outcome was the claim was denied. It was not major damage, but still damage, its the princible of the matter and the way they choose the handle my claim. HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!! SHEILA NORRIS

    • hehenhwSheila Norris June 9, 2012 9:36 am 


  5. Darrell McNair July 24, 2012 10:55 am 

    My complaint is with Exclusive Furniture. The salesman lied to me to get me to pay on my card and changed what he told me the next day. I talked to the manager at the Almeda branch Fwad Zavary who was not helpful and very rude so I called the owner at the other location Sam Zavary and he also refused to help me return my $1000. Can you help me. I also plan on picketing the Almeda location with a sign “Exclusive Furniture where salesmen lie and rip-offs live!!!”. Darrell 713-249-6063

  6. Linda Jones July 24, 2012 1:00 pm 

    I have a complaint against ( E.R.I.). They where suppose to put a new roof and build a extra room on my home. This started 01 March, 2012. After many of calls and through rain spells, the slap got put in. Then The began the walls or 2/4’s put up and the worked stopped. During all of this, I was in the Hospital a week in January, March had back surgery on the 16. I was in about a nine days. Went home and the surgery got infected, went back in for another surgery, I ended up in a rehab. for more antibiotics about a month and the work is still not done. I have cotacted Mr. John Cambell the owner and I know once, my spouse got in contact with him. We left messages many times. He has a worker who I spoke with this morning, said that Monday they will be out again. It is always Monday, Monday, Monday. I heard Mr Cambell filed for bankrupt. Can you find out if he has insurence for his company, and will I get all my money back.

    Please Help Me.
    Linda Jones

  7. Linda Jones July 24, 2012 1:02 pm 

    Sorry, but once we had to stop because of my H. M. O. needed more information on the building.
    Linda Jones.

  8. Yvonne Mitchell August 2, 2012 6:09 pm 

    I recently purchased a car from Auto Spot dealership on Bissonnet-Houston, Texas. The car was diagnosed as a lemon. The greatest problem I am having with t he car are the BREAKS that jerks when taking off in the vechile. T his does not occur all of the time but when it does it jerks the entire around and this has been very dangerous for me in the last several months. Yes, I took the car back several times but, to no avail this issue and complaint was not taken care of. I took the car to a Nissan-Sterling Nissan Dealer to thave them check it out and this is when I found out the car had been hit and seriously damaged. I have the report saying it will cost 7,000 to 12,000 to repair the car. The cost of the car was 12,000. What can I do to get something done about this lemon? Can you help me? Is there a LEMON LAW that can help?

  9. Paula Davis August 3, 2012 2:59 pm 

    I have a complaint on a business. How can you help me.

  10. Angela Jackson August 6, 2012 10:33 pm 

    I have a complaint about the Houston Police Department. My brother was arrested for a comment made to a police officer and is now possibly going to spend 10 years in jail. Do you ever do investigations against the police department and the district attorney’s office? I can’t believe they do not have enough real criminals to arrest. They are just on a power trip to arrest anyone that says something to them, just to make a point that they have the power to do whatever they want to do.

  11. Steven August 7, 2012 9:47 pm 

    Last year a large portion of my Income Tax Return was garnished by the Attorney Generals Office (AGO) and sent to my Ex (who is the mother of my 7 yr old daughter) for back child support. when this occured i was consistantly paying Child support to her through the AGO for the current time and $100 a month towards Back child support. i have a baby on the way with my new wife and was wondering… if i were to claim my new daughter on my taxes for this year would the AGO legally be able to take the amt i am to recieve for the child tax credit??? i would appreciate any help you have. Thanks

  12. Paula Davis August 12, 2012 1:09 pm 

    Have a complaint againist Deck, Designs & More. Contracted to pour a concrete patio. Poured it on June2, 2012 and we paid them in full. 3 days later we turned sprinklers on and water was ponding on both ends of patio. also hole in concrete and you could stick a stick down all way to ground, not enough concrete as contracted for. They tried to patch and it looks horrible. Had an engineer come out and he says it is not right. Also chris Bryan of Deck Designs & more finally came out and said it was a bad job his sub-contractor did. He said he would take care of, but will not return phone calls. Can you give me some help?

    • Taron September 6, 2012 1:58 pm 

      That’s an astute answer to a tricky qutseion

    • brian levy November 30, 2012 8:36 am 

      contact me….I am currently suing Chris Bryan. I paid him a deposit to build a patio deck for me, he took my deposit $2,500 and ran….
      he also poured a concrete slab that also pools water 🙁

  13. Karie Cornelius August 20, 2012 12:14 pm 

    We bought a bed from Ashley furniture awhile back ( maybe 7 months) Its horrible!!!!! The name brand is Simmons. How do I file a complaint?? There is a lot more to the story. Can someone get in touch with me please? I think its outrageous that they are not willing to help. We cant even sleep on the bed anymore because it sags so much!! please help!!

  14. Lori Osipov August 21, 2012 4:54 pm 

    My daughter is a resident at The Forum in Huntsville and is not returning to classes this Fall at SHSU due to a person crisis she is going through. I’ve tried to get with the Manager there and they are terrible. It’s right at the start of Fall school and she wants to have the apartment leased to someone else and they are NOT working with us. I’ve left three messages for the Manager Dante and still can’t get a returned call or any assistance. HELP PLEASE!

  15. Sherolyn Frazier August 24, 2012 2:00 pm 


    I need help my name is Sherolyn Richmond my car was repossed by Auto Recovery Bureau on 08/22/12 while I was at work. I called the company to let them know that I had left my purse in the vehicle along with my wallet which contained my ID, debit card and all the cash I had on hand until payday which was $ 200.00. I spoke with Kelly to let them know and they were very rude I told them I needed to be able to feed my children, to my surprise the response was “She can’t do anything and can not give me my purse until the vehicle has been processed and it could take up to 24hrs.” You can only pick up your property between 9-130pm by appointment only. I explained to them this is during the time when I am at work I can not keep taking off because I have to be able to provide for my children. In response I was told that ” This is a business and they are not there to convience me ”. However I was not allowed to retrieve my property until Friday morning and my children and I was not able to eat because the money I was going to use to go grocery shopping was in my purse that they held and would not release it until 24hrs later. On Friday morning I arrived at 3200 Brookfield Dr. Houston, Tx. 77045 at approximately 9am I was told that to receive my personal property I would have to pay $65.00 and I was not not allowed to get my debit card from my wallet they had been through my wallet and had stolen all my money and all of my extra change that I left in my change holder in my vehicle ; I also had to tell the girl at the counter which bank card I wanted to use and again she went through my wallet to get my bank card. You never see anybody you have to talk to a person through a thick stained glass window and have all of your things throwed in a trash bag like garbage. They charge you $48.14 for a assistance fee for retrieving your things out of the vehicle plus another $ 16.86 for a service fee which I never asked them to retrieve my property for me. Can you please expose this company they are crooks and look for people to pry on .

    P.S. If you have any more question you can reach me by email at sherolyn.frazier@gmail.com or by phone at 832 524-8363



  16. Shawnda johnson September 7, 2012 4:32 pm 

    I have a complaint!! I live in Jordan cove apartments in league city and my AC vents has mold/dust in the inside,the roaches are horrible,and they won’t do anything about it,my 5yr old daughter has asthma. The complex has been shut down before because of mold.

  17. Glen Nelson September 19, 2012 12:44 pm 

    I am having trouble with a law firm trying to pay H.O.A they keep sending me more paperwork each time I call and try to settle the account every time I call they say the boss Robert North will call and he never does and I get more paperwork and they charge me $350 dollars every time they send paperwork please help it was less then a $1,000 dollars and now it is $4,382.75.
    832-276-3939 .

  18. RANDALL PARKS October 9, 2012 1:55 pm 



    Randall 832-482-8902

  19. silas garrett October 10, 2012 8:31 pm 

    yesterday oct 9th i was behind a truck who lost several rocks or dirt and i watched them hit my windshield and cracked it in several places. this was about 10:15 am the information on the truck was the name lone star disposal 713-466-6767 lic #18JCV8 truck #111 the rest of the day i tried to reach mr. bret and he evaded me after many many calls. this was on Tanner rd. i was headed to gessner the truc turned off on a dirt road. I have 2 estimates around 229.00. please help me get in touch with mr. bret to settle this. my # is 832-921-8062 any help you can give me is very much appriceated.

  20. Carolyn Carter October 15, 2012 6:44 am 

    I am a disabled veteran and I have a problem I hope u can help me with every morning at 2:30am me and about 9 other people exercise at the park on Lockwood we do 5 days a week and have been doing it some two years and others going on more. I have been doing for a 1.50years.just recently a sheriff deputy told us we could not walk at the morning that we had to come at 4:30 am . We are taxpayers and veteran there has not been any incident in 4_5 years since we have been doing this Why the problem now is it because the sheriff doesn’t want us
    There now are we interrupting his sleep or what we will continue to walk. At 2:30am w ould like your help in getting out the word that in this day a
    And time when everyone needs to exercise we are being told to do it on thier schedule.

  21. Kendall strahan October 15, 2012 11:48 am 

    dear Akin

    I’m in need, of some help, for quite some time well since 2010 I’ve had issues with the city of Waller County. Around the time I was unemployed and in the process of being evicted from where me and my family lived in at the same time I was making payment arrangements to take care of some unpaid traffic tickets. In which the judge made some arrangements with me to set up a payment plan, well close to the time I made my last payment and call the clerk at Waller County Courthouse and she stated that I needed to come up with $300more to pay off the rest of my fee. Which by the way I paid them $635 total already. The problem with this was that they wanted the 300 by the next day which I explained to them that I did not have that amount of money within that short of time and it also my family and i where in the process of being homeless so could they please stretch out the payments so that i could take care this. the clerks exact words were that the judge was not going to budge on this decision and also that it was not her problem. So to make a long story short it is now October 15, 2012 and they still have a hold on my license I made the call this morning see what I can do to get the situation resolved once again the clerk that works there was very rude to me and also showed no disregard for what I have to say I simply call to what i could do to get my license released she stated to me that I owe $600. My question to her was I how can I owe you guys 600 and already paid $635.00 she stated that judge try to make arrangements with me the last time and I did not comply so I explained to that around the time I was making arrangements you guys ask for an extra 300 and i told you guys that my family and I were in the process of being homeless and being put out on the street and that I needed more time. Her reply was very rude in which she stated{ well it is what it is }and I don’t think the judge is going to change her mind I’m not sure if this is a race related issue or not, but what I’m needing is help with the subject I have all copies of what I have paid and the and I just want justice to be done I have no issues with pay what i rightfully need to pay but I don’t believe in paying for something that I have already paid for.

    Thank you and God bless.
    kendall strahan

    Waller County Courthouse
    PO Box 239, Waller, TX 77484
    936 – 372 – 5614

  22. silas garrett October 16, 2012 11:12 am 

    i have sent an email with no response please call me or give me your # my name is silas garrett and my # is 832-921-8062 thanks

  23. PRINCE S. BANGURA October 17, 2012 8:08 pm 

    Prince Samuel Bangura
    14014 Ella Lee Lane
    Houston, Texas 77077

    October 14, 2012

    To whom it may concern:
    On the 10th of December 1997 a child was born named Jacory A. Bangura in which I Prince S. Bangura was alleged to be the biological father by Shara V. Flowers the mother. I wasn’t residing with the mother at the time of birth we resided together in around December of 1998 at 6606 Paso Del Sol in Houston, Texas 77082. I received a notice to appear in court for child support around that time we started residing together. I asked Shara V. Flowers if she filed for child support against me and she stated she didn’t, because at this time the child was residing with us. I didn’t at that time contest paternity I believed when she told me that I was the only person she was having a monogamous relationship with.
    On the 19th of February 2002 we did get married and Shara V. Flowers moved out of the relationship on the tenth of May 2005. Shara V. Flowers taking Jacory A. Bangura with her because in 1998 that was already a child support case on file, I decided to take Jacory Bangura for a dna testing it came out that I wasn’t the biological father. During our divorce on the fourteenth of May 2007 in 246th Judicial district court of Harris county case no. 2011-68787 I presented that dna test results I was told at that time that I brought the dna testing late. I should have done the dna testing in 2001 for it to be admissible in court to use as a defense and I was ask to pay child support for a child that is not mine. A new law Texas Senate Bill 785 was passed by Governor Rick Perry that gives Texas fathers who may suspect they may not be the biological parent of their child. On September of 2011 my attorney Johnna Teal and Associates located at 4100 Milan 2nd floor Houston,Texas 77006 Tel: 281-222-8200 Fax: 713-222-8204 to petition on my behalf to utilize this new law to exonerate me as the biological father of Jacory A. Bangura and to stop the child support. In one of the court hearings I was permitted to have another dna testing at my expense. The dna confirmed that I wasn’t Jacory A. Bangura biological father but the judge has consistently refused to end child support obligations and terminate parental rights to this child. We are exhausting our income trying and resources attempting to rectify this matter. I Prince S. Bangura need your assistance in resolving this matter.

  24. Sheila Watson November 7, 2012 1:45 pm 

    Help! I currently live in Kingwood Lakes Apartments and the Management Company who runs this hell hole and completely INSANE! They have dozens of code violations including the health code (7-8 people living in one-bedroom apartments, roach infestations, pet issues, maintenance men who violate tenants’ privacy and are involved in theft from tenants, stairs that are literally falling down, with loose boards and nails) just to name a few.

    They refuse to fix things and it sometimes takes over a year to get things like dishwashers, garbage disposals, air filters, etc. Most of the time, if you call them, they let the answering service pick it up and they NEVER return calls.

    This is just a small sample of the way we have to live. I’m planning on getting out of this place ASAP, but in the mean time, someone needs to respond to the complaints of the tenants.

    Thanks for listening….

  25. Nicole S. November 10, 2012 3:49 pm 

    My landlord, which is a well known realtor, let 56 days go by without working a/c this summer. She gave us a very small discount for 2 months rent. Fourteen days into October and she finally gets it fixed. Then she was refusing to discount those days. We didn’t want to pay rent til she could come up with a fair price. So today, 10 days into the month, she says to take off $100 and we also get an eviction notice in case we decide not to pay. Also, 2 months after moving in, we got an infestation of bed bugs and eventually just had to throw out the couches and all our beds. She said this was not her problem as it states in the lease, which doesn’t specify about bedbugs. She never even called an exterminator and we share a duplex with another family! I have several text messages between the property manager and myself showing how long she knew the a/c issue but since I never put it in writing, she took her time. And for the months we’ve been here there was not one smoke detector or fire extinguisher. I didn’t notice this until I had a grease fire in the kitchen which we put out on our own, thankfully. I feel helpless, don’t know quite how to handle this. What are my rights? What are their rights? If they go through with eviction, do we have 30 days to move or can they make it sooner? Please help!

  26. Vicky Riley November 12, 2012 5:01 pm 

    October 10th 2012 I requested the Deerbrook Garden Management office to check the water in the Kitchen, Master Bath sink and Master Bath shower. When you turn the cold water on it gets so hot that it will burn your skin. I also requested they check my heater to ensure it is in good operating order, due to many heater issues over the years leaving me without heat during the winter months including nights that have dropped below 32 degrees. Previous resolutions were to bring in a private contractor to repair a short in the furnace which caused electric surges and tripped the breaker. During this time we were experiencing below freezing temperatures and the main breaker outside would trip. This is a major concern for me because I do not want to wake to find my apartment on fire due to substandard equipment in my unit. I do not wish to go through yet another year of $400.00 electric bills, possibility of a fire, illness or a cold apartment. Both my daughter and I have had pneumonia due to the frigid temperatures in my unit. Maintenance checked the heater on 10/26/12 and found it in good working order. This morning I woke to a cold apartment. The thermostat read 65 degrees so I turned on the heater to take the chill out of the air. The breaker tripped after 3 minutes of turning on the heat. After several attempts and broken promises from Management to get this resolved I sit writing this letter on November 12th, 2012 and the heat has still not been fixed. I spoke with Nora and Iris in the managment office and they promised they would have it fixed today. When I spoke to them at 4:30 they tell me the part still hasn’t coming and it will be tomorrow November 13th before it will be fixed. Never have I seen it take a month to obtain a breaker for the electrical panel. Temperatures are dropping into the low 40’s possibly upper 30’s tonight. The furnace needs to be replaced. I believe this is a 1970 model heater and it has lived well outside its usefulness.
    The oven has also given problems in the past. I baked a birthday cake on October 8th only to have it burn because the temperature that was set at 325 jumped to 450. I explained this when I spoke to the office. Maintenance looked at the oven on 10/26/12 but only tested the oven at 150 and found it working properly. The thermostat is replaced each year because it goes out.
    There have already been two units burn due to electrical issues. I just pray my apartment isn’t the next. I am concerned for my safety and the safety of the other residents in this building. I hope you will read this and be just and concern as I am. Your help is this matter is greatly appreciated.

  27. Thomas November 12, 2012 5:20 pm 

    I know of a business that is dumping used motor oil and other chemicals directly into the earth and NOBODY not even EPA or the sheriffs dept has done anything about it at all. And this is an EXTREMELY serious situation. One that needs attention immediately. One gallon of used motor oil contaminates over 1 million gallons of clean underground drinking water. And they are literally dumping tons of it in the ground.That means if nobody stops this business from destroying the earth we could all be at risk. I have tried everything in my power to contact the appropriate authorities and they don’t care. They totally ignored the situation. Somebody please help. This is not a joke this is a very serious situation, I have all the information on this business so if you know what to do please contact me. Thank you

  28. LaTresa Moore December 9, 2012 7:10 pm 

    I had a water meter leak, which caused my bill to use 7, 000 gallons of water for a total due $80.07. I called 311 to report it & to see if the city or I had to pay for the repairs. A city worker came out 12/7/12, about 8:00am. He checked the meter found the (slow-leak) & told me I had to pay for the repairs. I called several plumbing company’s & John Moore agreed to come out that same day between 2-5pm. To do a FREE ESTIMATE! & A FREE FURNISE check The dispatcher callled at 1:30pm. To confirm the work-order & said the tech was on way to my home & will call me. No one called or came till 6:00pm. I called them back several times only to be put on hold & that the tech was on his way. At 6pm while on the phone with the dispatcher he said the tech was here at my home. I asked him what happen why was he so late? He never did answer, I walked him over to the meter & told him what the city worker said & showed him where the leak was at. He then told me I had to pay a OPEN ACCESS FEE for him to get DIRTY, & to have the John Mooretruck parked in front of my home. $299.99 is what my credit-card was charged. For him t o tell me what I already knew & had toll him & showed him. He left & said he would be back at
    9:00am & didn’t show up till 10:20am & never mentioned the FURNACE check but a $369.99 FEE to fix do the water leak! After I gave it a minute to think about it I called & canceled the work order& was told the $299.99 FEE would be returned to my CREDIT-CARD, by the dispatcher. Then the tech said NO I WOULD NOT! That FEE was for his work the night before! He Didn’t Do Anything! I told him where the leak was, that’s when I again said it Should Have Been A FREE ESTIMATE & FREE FURNACE Check also I Never Got! So I asked if the $299.99 would be DECUCTED from the $369.99 & He said NO That Was A Different Job, again he DIDN’T DO ANY. WORK! I am a single mother living on a fixed income, my Disability, I can’t afford to give away $299.99! PLEASE, PLEASE HELP ME GET MY MONEY RETURNED TO MY CREDIT-CARD! This has RUINED OUR CHRISTMAS! You can reach me at these #’s, HM-713-670-0475, CELL 282-451-4763, Thank You, LaTresa Moore.

  29. Sharmorrow White December 10, 2012 9:42 am 

    II have a huge problem with my old apartments Cheery Creek. I am a single mother have four who is the only provider for my kids. I had financial problems that made me fail behind in my rent for November. I called Gulf Coast Community Service for assistance with my rent. I told my apartment manager that I would be getting assistance and she provided me with the eviction letter I needed to show to the agency. The apartment manager told me she had to fail eviction with the court because I owned over $1,000.00. When I went to the agency they told me when I go to court to let the judge know I was receiving assistances. And as I was waiting on the court date I was saving money for December rent and any late fees I would have to pay. On November 28th I received a call from the apartment manager saying she did a walking through and my things were still there when I planned on moving. Not knowing that she went to court I told her I was waiting to go to court. She told me that she went to court November 19th and the judge ruled in their favor because I didn’t show up. I tried to explain to her that I didn’t get a letter about a court date; she said I would need to call the court house. I spoke with a young lady that told me that the constable notes showed that she served a male 16 years or older on November 12th. I explained to the lady that I wasn’t there at the time and there was no black male living with me over the age of 16 and basically told me there was nothing I could do. I went to the court and I got documentation saying that the constable served a black male 16 or older. I don’t know what to do because I never got a letter about court. My kids and I have to stay with relatives and I have an eviction on my record. Can you please help?

  30. Clinton Lewis Jr December 27, 2012 5:36 pm 

    I brought a electric heater from Martins Hardware store on 12/14/12. Im totally dissatisfied with this item. I took the heater back to Martins on 12/26/12. They said I needed to call the manufactuer. I did and they said Martins should refund my money

  31. Roxanne December 30, 2012 12:40 pm 

    I am inquiring about help for a disabled young adult. My daughter who is 26 yrs old has multiple handicaps , lives with me and is severely Mentally Retarded. I took her to see her OBGYN and was told that she needed surgery and since she cannot take Birth Control because of her seizure medications, a tubal ligation was suggested and planned. The surgery was scheduled; then I get a call from the hospital and the doctor saying that since I am not her guardian, just her biological mother, I cannot consent for any procedure weather her health is at risk or not. They need her approval and signature. My daughter is mentally 6 yrs old I am trying to look out for her. I have inquired about getting guardianship multiple times and every time the costs run in the thousands. I almost lost my home when Ike hit, I lost my job and her father moved to mexico and stopped paying child support and alimony. I barely make the house payments along with the everyday expenses. I am a single mom, have another daughter who is working but at minimum wage so help is limited. I want to protect my Special Needs daughter and help her but the guardianship issue has tied my hands. Can you help me. Apparently since I own a house I do not qualify for any Legal aide and even if I did; there is no Free Guardianship Assistance. Any help would be truly appreciated. Thank you.

  32. Tammy Via January 23, 2013 9:06 am 

    I had a car repo’d on 1/12/13 by a company in Angleton Tx. Called Dasuts. They will not give back my personal items out of the car unless I pay them a $25 adminastration fee! I had been unemployed for a year and a half, I was on my third day of a new job when they came and got the car without letting me know at all where I could go out and get my personal items out. I contacted Dow credit union who carried my loan and they would not help me at all. I had the car since 12/08 and had gone to the credit union in 2011 when I first became unemployed and told them my situation and ask if the car could be refianced so the payments could be lowered, but they wouldn’t do it, so here we are! As I said I’ve just started a job and my husband is on s.s.I barely getting $700 a month. I feel this repo company is kicking me when I’m already down, my items don’t have a lot of value, but to me! Including an faded purple plastic Mardi gra beads my grandson gave me 3 years ago. I’m willing to give them my key and clicker back, but they just won’t work with me. I feel like I’m being blackmailed! Thank you for your time! Tammy Via Clute Tx.t

  33. Jennifer Bailey January 24, 2013 5:13 pm 

    Hi , i am very upset & mad ,My Mother which is 72 yrs old fell at Kingwood pines & broke her hip & the nurses there didnt know any thing about it , they had her so dope up & sitting in wheelchair which they are not so to have & my mother had on the same clothes on for 3 days smelling like pp ,please i need help & so does my mother if you have a heart please email me back are call me , also me & my family are getting a lawyer to handle this matter, What would you do if it happen to your mom ?

  34. Margarita Jones February 6, 2013 4:58 pm 

    Hello I need to make a complaint on my apartments that call
    Las penas verda that’s located at 5801 W. Sunforest . I am disable
    And on a fixed income I have lived her for five years and now they
    Have put me out stating that they have chosen not to resign my lease
    Over. I’ve already paid my rent for this month and no where to go !!!
    I can’t find another apt without any money. What should I do?? I need
    Help really fast. Due to I only get money once a month and that’s
    On the 3rd and they want me out by the 1st. Please call me ASAP

  35. WILLIE NASH February 11, 2013 10:59 pm 

    My name Willie Nash and I need help on where to post a concern, will some one send me a e-mail or call, NASH.WILLIE2@YAHOO.COM//713-409-6068

  36. Sharon Waldo February 27, 2013 6:10 pm 

    Today around 3:00pm I was taking a nap with my patio door open so my dogs could go outside if they needed to. I awoke to dogs barking. I went outside to find the (5) pit bulls from next door. They had tore off a fence board and were attacking one of my dogs. They killed her and then began eating her. I had to stand in MY home and watch my neightors
    (5) dogs EAT my dog. These dogs could just as easily came into my home. Guess what?
    The neighbor came home, got the dogs back thru the broken fence, filled up the dogs water bowl. When Harris County Animal Control showed up, of course the dogs were then in their own yard, soooooooooo Nothing can be done. HCAC cannot take these dogs from their owners but it’s ok that they killed my dog. I did everything I thought was right, even calling HC Sherrif’s Dept. Deputy came out and even said he had seen dogs kill each other but never saw them eat their kill. These dogs now have tasted blood and I am scared not just for my dogs, myself, family, neighbors and there pets, the mail person, and I can go on and on. Please advise. Thank you.

  37. Raymond March 14, 2013 3:19 pm 

    I was just notified that my name and picture was posted on the website. call predators watch.com. informing people that I’m a Predator. this scam is that I have to pay them 100 dollars on credit card to take my name and picture of the site.stokholm sweeden. Please advise

  38. ALICE CRAFt March 22, 2013 12:30 am 


    1706 MCDANIELS
    HOUSTON, TX 77093

  39. Marsha Hanchett April 3, 2013 6:09 pm 

    I am tired of the run around and not being able to see anyone who can help with the issues arising with this owner Dr. Tillman. My daughter has had her braces for 18 months and cannot be seen on a monthly basis. I make the appointments and when I get there, there is either no Dr. to see her or the computers are down or we need the issuance information or we have the wrong date and I am very meticulous. She has been seen maybe a total of 5 times. She still has yet to receive her permanent crown from her root canal and that’s when she first started going in August of 2011. The staff is rude as well as Dr. Tillman. Please look up the reviews on this place. I am not the only one or two or three. I am frustrated with the aggravation of dealing with them. I am on Medicaid but because of my income, I believe that I and my children as well as others deserve some level of respect. I wrote this letter to the owner of this establishment the following letter. I have been having the same problem. its like we were doing the exact same things. now my daughter is 18 and I don t know if she can even switch orthodontics and dentists. she was supposed to get a crown and that has failed to happen majorly. I just want to switch to another ortho. Its like a bad ulcer or cancer and the people writing positive reviews have only been 1 time or lying. Do you need help Dr. Tillman because I need an easy customer service job? Are You on drugs and just using the office as a front to defraud Medicaid so you can use the drugs for yourself? Is the only way that you will see someone is that they give you some poonana or money under the table? I just like to know what I am dealing with. Do you not like what you do anymore? Or do the people you decide that should join you in your schemes don t agree with your practices and want more of the pie in order to continue on? You are not being fair with my time or the kids who have take out from their education in order to support you extra curricular activities because you certainly are not doing any work at the office. From the looks and actions,You re not doing any work on no body, the paying out of pocket ppl or gov t pocket ppl. Call me let me know what s up and how I can assist you
    with your issues or how you can help eliminate mine which is your establishment and practices. (713) 5179825 Marsha. I will be calling several times everyday and having to leave a message I am sure. You do know there s a such thing called a Temp Agency. That is me offering a solution. I want this resolved. Help me help you so we can all move on. I am also going to fax, email, and write this letter to Take it to Akin (local), Austin(state), BBB and congressman(Nationally) since you are a gov t facilitating organization. Someone must made aware and you should be checked upon.

  40. Rickey Brown April 4, 2013 1:21 am 

    I am having a problem getting concrete from a local company, Durrett concrete, this concrete has been paid for and now they are asking for more money, because the first driver was involved in an accident. Now the second drive is asking to be paid the deliver the same concrete again, before he delivers and in cash.

    Please advise

  41. Robert & Rosie Henry April 11, 2013 6:31 pm 

    The city of houston water company sent me a bill for $1735.53 the technician that came out said that there was a water leak, I have not made any repairs but the bill has returned to normal. What can I do?

  42. L. Caldwell April 19, 2013 6:03 pm 

    Dear Take it to Akin,
    I am a divorced mother currently in school working on a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling. I also have a son with a mental disability and I have been diagnosed with a medical disability since 2008. I purchased a car this Feb from a dealer, the purpose of my purchasing the vehicle was I needed to go 12 mile twice a week to complete the first part of my intern hours. On Monday March the 8, I was on my way home and the car stopped moving about 5 miles from my home. I had to call a neighbor to come up 290 to tow me home. Next I had the vehicle towed into Katy because there are no transmission specialist here. The mechanic in Katy’s diagnostics found the transmission need to be replaced and they would do the job for 5,000.00. I paid 150.00 for the tow, and 45.00 for the diagnostics. We later moved the car into Houston costing 175.00 and the mechanic found the problem of a broken transmission the original transmission would go into reverse but not go forward, I purchased a salvage transmission for 350.00 with the personal financial assistant of my Pastor and His wife. After purchasing this transmission the vehicle will not go forward or reverse. I call the place where I purchased the used transmission and they would not give me my money back, but instead they offered me a store credit of 350.00 I have no need for a store credit at a salvage yard I need to return the borrower’s money to them. I then called the dealer where I purchased the vehicle I asked them if I could trade the vehicle for another one and I would be willing to pay a car note so that I can continue with my internship but they told me they usually take trade-ins but they will not take the car back they sold to me. All total cost the cost of the vehicle which is a1994 Cadillac Seville STS 1,400.00 with tax title and license the tow home. 55.00, the tow to Katy 150.00 the tow to Houston 175.00 the cost of the mechanic 650.00 the transmission 350.00 I can be reached at lottiel2000@yahoo.com ph# 979-826-0435. I would like the cost of my vehicle returned and the monies returned to my Pastors 350.00

  43. Sharhonda Herald April 30, 2013 2:00 pm 

    Hi, im having an issue with a car company called E cars. I paid a down payment and the salesman had finance company to take the loan back but do not want to give me back my down payment. The fuel pump went out and that costs 800.00 plus dollard on top of 403.00 plus a month on notes.l only had the truck for about a month and a half. What should I do after I spoke with the owner and hes saying there is nothing he can do besides wanting more money to put me in another car which I do not want from a business like that.

  44. Craig kosters June 4, 2013 5:19 pm 

    I live in Cypress and have been using Quick Quack car wash since 9/04/2012 and ALWAYS selected the $14.99 monthly car wash service. I recently found out, they have been taking money out of my account without my authorization, a total of over $200.00, in $30.00 increments.! Some months I was double charged, my $14.99 charge and their $30.00 charge. Now they will not refund the money. Visa got back $60.00 for me and cannot get anymore .The biggest question is how many other people are they doing this to? Sounds to me like they are scamming people because they don’t believe me and are making it sound like I am responsible. I’ve got it all printed out, all of the charges that I made and all of the fraudulent charges THEY made from my bank statement. Can you help me? Please call me @ 832-257-0184.

  45. Paul June 9, 2013 7:54 pm 

    The Apartment complex that I live in has been charging me for water and trash every since I signed a lease with them a few years ago but the problem is that for years many apartment complexes didn’t have a separate water bill because it was I suppose already adjusted in with the rent payment, and for the first two years that I lived at this complex in 2008&2009 I was not charged water or trash until I signed my third lease in 2010. The other
    bigger problem that I have with paying a separate water bill is that I am single and away from home most of the day and I don’t use very much water, but since there are no separate water
    meters for each apartment unit they are charging me the same price as a family that has how ever many children and a pet or two. I don’t think its fair, and would like to know if there is any legal recourse against this because it kind of seems like a scam in certain ways?

  46. Tedderrian powell June 10, 2013 6:41 pm 

    Hello,my name is Tederrian Powell, I work for the city of houston.my sister is a resident at a low income apartment located off of crosstimber and curry rd. the management is very horrible. My sister sign her lease a month or two ago plus the manager signed it to,but now she is trying to falsely evicte her for no apparent reason.She is using hpd for a shield on violating people’s rights.she evicted a third of the complex for no reason at all,just show people that she can make their life harder than what it is.Please help my sister out sister doesn’t know what she going to do because she’s about to have a baby in any time from today.

  47. Chris Prater June 13, 2013 7:49 pm 

    I bought gas at Island Citgo at 8224 Harbourside Dr in Galveston Texas on June 12, 2013. After I went about five miles my 2010 Honda Fit started to have engine trouble. I was able to make it to Honda of Clear Lake. After they performed diagnostic’s on the car it was found that the contents of my gas tank was mostly WATER. I now have a bill for $2000.00. I called and spoke with the owner who said he denies this because when the company comes to fill up his tanks they check for water. He directed me to the TCEQ. I need some help!
    Thank You,

  48. Jacqueline A. Fields June 19, 2013 11:22 am 

    I need help because of the fraudulent automatic debit that caused me to close the account with First National Bank of Texas. I am the mother of an adult disabled adult. There was a withdrawal of $434.36 and fees of $2.00 a day (this was done 5 times). A nonsufficient charge of $34.97 was taken out, also. The day I close this account I paid $113.00 to clear any negatives that were charged to this account. These charges caused a severe negative to occur on this account. There was no authorization from anyone to pay Direct TV and all monies should be returned to me. Her February’s check of $368.64 was taken behind these fraudulent activities against this account.

  49. Aurora June 22, 2013 4:41 pm 

    Please contact me as soon as you can at 8324381056. I have a terrible story to tell about Unum Insurance.

  50. Janice Irene Williams July 29, 2013 11:18 pm 

    Dear Emily, I need help, the help is for my sister, she’s in a wheel chair and have been for the last 30 years. Now her apartment where she lives has given her a eviction notice after three years.They have new managerment, and they said they didn’t want chrimels living on their property. They have ran a back ground check on her, and things that was on the paper was not her. She went down town, and paid for a check, that included finger prints and a picture, everything came back, that she had no record, or feloney or any thing on her. She went to get food stamps and all the feloney things came up again. Our problem is what can we do to get this resolved. My number is 713-933-7932cell, 281-575-7007home.

  51. justin buxton August 3, 2013 12:42 pm 

    Have a story about cps not following protocall and racisim

  52. Betty Hegab September 1, 2013 9:51 pm 

    My son Joseph Regi and ex-veteran was in the hospital and the doctors and staff did not watch my son. who suffers for Schizophrenia. He was admitted in ER and new that he was in very bad shape. In his hospital room he try to committed suicide. No was watching my son. He tried to break out the window with his head and broke blood vessels in his head and now is being treated for a stoke. No visional signs are being showed at this time but the staff and the doctor was no where to be found. We had requested a new drug that is out that could help him. He does have a very serious problem with his whole body shaking and all VA Hospital will do it give a drug that only cover up the shaking problems.. He was admitted into Michael DeBakey VA Hospital twice. He was release the first time in a week and with my self and my youngest son telling Dr Hicky that he was not well enough to be release– she did not listen. Joseph was put back into the VA Hospital in really bad shape. I hope that you can help get my son Joseph the proper care for his Schizophrenia. Dr Hicky new that Joseph’s dog was dying and want me and my youngest son Mike to bring the dying dog or even a dead dog up to VA hospital. Please can you help.

  53. Teresa Lewis September 5, 2013 8:01 pm 

    I had an attorney do me wrong they have procrastinated on my case I fired her and she still wants to retain on my settlement therefore no other attorney will touch it. I am a single mom due to vehicle accident I have a messed up back and neck the attorney would not take case to trial when asked she didn’t even find out how much ins. other person had never contacted witness. I need your help my time is running out. Please contact me at 936-689-2956.

  54. Pat Conner September 6, 2013 10:52 pm 

    I need help. I am 76 year old widow. The neighbot behind me came into my yard and cut down three trees that was along my back fence. I ask him what he was doing and he said they were on his property.
    Than he preeded to take down my chain link fence across the back of my yard.
    than he put up a 12 foot wooden fence 41 inches inside my yard. Ask him why and he said it was his.
    Can you come onto property and take it. I cant afford a lawyer and he know it so he is pushing me all over the place.
    While he was putting up the fence he kicked the footing blocks that were under my shed and now my wasll are cracking.
    Could sure use some help. Please

    Pat Conner
    3409 ryson st
    hpuston, tx.77080

  55. Dwight Thompson September 11, 2013 10:48 am 

    Dear Ms. Akins;

    On Tuesday, September 10, 2013 my mother Stella Thompson rides MetroLift a Yellow cab pick her up from her residence at 3133 Cornerstone Park Drive Apt. 1111, Houston Texas 77014 and was to drop her off at 3950 Hillcroft (The Foundation Of Praise Church). Instead the cab driver rudely put my mother out of the cab who is handicap and uses a walker and is eighty years old because the cab driver said my mother gave him the wrong address in which she did not. The cab driver let her off on the corner of Hillcroft and WestPark exactly 7700 WestPark in the median and left her there. I am going to follow up with MetroLift to see why this situation happen to my mother. Hopefully, you can investigate this case for me because it probably happening to a lots of our senior citizens who can’t protect themselves. Help me please? My address is 3931 Green Crest Drive houston Texas 77082 and phone number is (281)920-9044 and my mother phone number is (281)583-4025.

    Respectfully yours,

    Dwight Thompson

  56. Dwight Thompson September 11, 2013 10:49 am 

    Dear Ms. Akins;

    On Tuesday, September 10, 2013 my mother Stella Thompson rides MetroLift a Yellow cab pick her up from her residence at 3133 Cornerstone Park Drive Apt. 1111, Houston Texas 77014 and was to drop her off at 3950 Hillcroft (The Foundation Of Praise Church). Instead the cab driver rudely put my mother out of the cab who is handicap and uses a walker and is eighty years old because the cab driver said my mother gave him the wrong address in which she did not. The cab driver let her off on the corner of Hillcroft and WestPark exactly 7700 WestPark in the median and left her there. I am going to follow up with MetroLift to see why this situation happen to my mother. Hopefully, you can investigate this case for me because it probably happening to a lots of our senior citizens who can’t protect themselves. Help me please? My address is 3931 Green Crest Drive houston Texas 77082 and phone number is (281)920-9044 and my mother is (281)583-4025.

    Respectfully yours,

    Dwight Thompson

  57. Sharon Rowe-Phillips November 4, 2013 7:48 pm 

    On October 23rd I took my 2005 chrysler crossfire to Team dodge chrysler in huntsville texas, 936 295 8945, the only problem I have EVER had with my car is my back window was separating from my convertible top! prior to going to this location I discovered Chrysler had a special warranty on the convertible top I spoke with a Miike McDonald with chrysler corporation @ 586 497 2015 he informed me about this Special warranty, Michael McDonald executive at chrysler corporation advised me to take my car to a local dealer being Chrysler in huntsville Tx, he advised me that he would have a special team out to perform the work on my top considering this location had no certified technicians to take care of the problem however Joe Milller Gen. Mgr at Team Dodge chrysler was not certified to do the work on the car but he performed the work anyway! I had more damaged to my car than when I first brought it in! Namely my car does not start unless I get a jump, he advised me that I need a top module and Bottom module both of which over 2000 dollars, I have a horrible door ding on my driver’s door and I am not happy I cannot lower or raise my convertible top, I got a brand new convertible top but I have a car that won’t start ,top that won’t let down nor raise up, and I have a door dang that’s really really ugly ! I spoke to Joe miller about the situation, he agreed to pay for the paint on the car with a guy name Russell nothing more!! I spoke with a Joanne at Team Dodge chrysler she told me she would investigate the situation I have not heard from her, I left a message with Mike McDonald whom I have not heard from, I have also left a complaint with the BBB hopefully pending investigation I need your help help help help please please please help me I desperately need my car fixed!! If possible !! My phone number is 832 881 1204 my name is SHARON ROWE-PhILLIPS

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