I haven’t had a moving violation ticket in years because frankly I drive like a grandmother in her 80’s. So, that’s why I was surprised to be pulled over by a Montgomery County Precinct 3 Deputy Constable. After the red and blue flashing lights went into motion behind me – he gave me the signal to pull over. So I did, wondering exactly what I did. The deputy slowly approached the Insite-Mobile with his hand on his gun. Was this going to be a Rodney King all over right in The Woodlands? No, it didn’t turn out to be. Actually the deputy was really professional. He asked for license and insurance. He told me I ran a red light. But I clearly remember the light and it was yellow. So I debated the issue with him for less than 30 seconds. He took my information and went back to his car. After about 30 more seconds he returned and said he had a deal that would make both of us happy. He said he didn’t believe tickets really helped traffic safety, so he agreed to let me go if I promised to drive safely. I thought quietly – I was driving safely when you pulled me over. I also maintained the light wasn’t red but we left it on a positive hand shake. That was a close one because I felt like a criminal with the thought of getting a ticket. Just a slice of life from The Insite!