Investigators in the Houston Police Department Narcotics Division have arrested five suspects charged in a five-month long investigation into illegal narcotics trafficking at several residences in the southeast and Montrose areas of Houston.

More arrests are expected. Photos of one of the grow operations are attached to this news release.

Two suspects, identified as Tan Khac Nguyen (A/m, DOB: 4-19-76), and Thien Quang Nguyen (A/m, DOB: 2-15-72), are charged with felony possession of marijuana in the 228th State District Court. Three other suspects, Minh Nguyen (A/m, DOB: 6-16-73), Tuan The Nguyen (A/m, DOB: 5-16-69), and Van Dung Nguyen (A/m, DOB: 2-28-52) are charged with the same offense in the 262nd State District Court.

In March 2007, HPD Narcotics Division investigators responded to a call of suspicious activity at a residence in the Montrose area. An investigation was conducted and a search warrant obtained. As a result, suspects Tan Khac Nguyen and Thien Quang Nguyen were arrested on March 2, 2007 at the residence at 1000 Fairview. Inside the residence, officers discovered a sophisticated hydroponic grow-operation with more than 600 marijuana plants. A follow-up investigation was conducted during the next several months and several additional suspects were identified. Eight additional grow house operations were identified at the following locations:

· 11503 Highland Meadow Drive
· 11530 Astoria
· 8803 Barton
· 9406 Carmalee
· 9402 Carmalee
· 9406 Stone Ridge Canyon
· 9044 Dirby
· 10114 Elizabeth Rose

On Monday (July 16), HPD narcotics investigators discovered sophisticated hydroponic grow-operations in each of the eight locations. Approximately 3100 marijuana plants weighing about 1000 pounds. were seized, along with about $500,000 in equipment. Six vehicles identified as being used in the operation were also seized. At that time, Tuan The Nguyen, Minh Nguyen, and Van Dung Nguyen were arrested without incident at separate locations.

The investigation is continuing.