The Insite had a chance to go backstage and hang out a bit with comedian D.L. Hughley. He performed in Houston over the weekend at The Improv comedy club. Also backstage were Insiter Torrey ‘T-Dub’ Walker along with rapper Willie D, Swiff Haywire, comedian Ali, comedian Maleek S, Anthony Thurston and others. The half hour visit in the dressing room wasn’t just meet and greet but serious conversation. Hughley thoroughly impressed me on his view of the world and the knowledge the comedian had about current events and history. The subject matter approached every issue from the environment, the use and burying of the n-word, artists responsibility, Iraq and US politics. It was one of those free for all conversations where just about everyone had some input. Hughley absolutely surprised me freely welcoming more than a half dozen of us into his dressing room in between performances. It’s almost like day and night with the experience I had with comedian/actor/singer Jamie Foxx. Here are some of the pictures I snapped behind the scenes. Sorry they’re so late but blame T-Dub. He mistakenly took my camera home or actually I left it in his vehicle!

Note: Someone ask in the comments section if Hughley addressed the Don Imus issue? Yes, he did. He said to us back stage he would be hypocritical if he blasted Imus for exercising his right to freedom of speech. Hughley said if he censored the talk show host what would stop people from censoring his comedy routines. He also wondered why Imus apologized to Al Sharpton first rather than the ladies on the Rutgers basketball team. He says the public outrage of Imus only did one thing…gave him a short vacation because now Imus as a result of his controversial comments is going back on the air. Hughley also said those who protested him only gave Imus a bigger audience and made him a household name. He says most people didn’t even know who Imus was or that he had a show before the incident. I hope that answers your question!