I covered a story involving an African American plant worker on Wednesday who claimed he was the victim of racism. He worked at a Pasadena plant. When Lonnie Borom went into the lunchroom of where he worked on Tuesday there was a swastika and k.k.k. scrawled on the wall. He and 6 other African Americans were very upset that no one knew who did it or had an explanation. He says a group of Hispanics he worked with at the plant were laughing about it. He says after leaving the building and then returning later Borom says he got into an argument with a Hispanic female. He says it began when the female called him banana hands (monkey reference) when he walked into the building. He says he responded by saying she had a big mole on her face that needed to be removed. She allegedly responded by calling him nigger at least three times. A fellow Hispanic allegedly joined in and said niggers are lazy and you don’t need a job at the plant. I’ll take what Borom has to say at face value to get this conversation started. It’s something I’ve been hearing since arriving in Houston back in 2001. Many Hispanics simply don’t like African Americans. And many African Americans don’t like Hispanics. Now let’s get down to the reasons I’ve heard. Hispanics think African Americans are all on welfare, lazy and have lots of illegitimate children. African Americans according to some think Hispanics are destroying decent wage jobs, are lap dogs from whites and have lots of babies. I didn’t put much validity in the minority divide until I heard what Borom had to say on Wednesday. My question is why would two minority groups hate each other in some cases so much? I’ve heard it from folk who say Hispanics are not concerned about the African American plight unless they can benefit. And I’ve definitely heard the same thing on the other side. What’s the deal? How could two races who have both been in so many struggles be at each others throats so much? I would like to hear from you if you think there is a divide and what could or should be done about it?

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