I was in Clear Lake Thursday covering recent events at NASA involving the astronauts and the space program in general. What I was shocked to find was that people weren’t all that friendly. In fact, I ran into some people who were downright arrogant and mean. I haven’t been to Clear Lake to cover a story in almost two years and when I’m there I don’t usually talk with the general population but I was shocked at their behavior. At least some of them. I wanted to interview this guy who was standing outside of his car. So I explained the whole story to him which took about two minutes. When I was done I asked if we could get a comment on camera. Not a single word, he just got into his car, rolled up his window, smirked and drove off. How rude was that? Then I went to Frenchie’s restaurant where I wanted to talk to the customers about what was going on at NASA. There were two gentlemen at a table putting down several glasses of wine. I didn’t even approach them and they just started attacking me. I’m like what in the h— is going on in this city? They said I was biased even though they had never seen me on television and had no idea who I was. They were down right hostile. I told a fellow reporter about this when I got back to the newsroom. He said when he went to Clear Lake to cover the Lisa Nowak story he was called a liar and told to F— Off by a resident. What’s going on in that city. By the way, I finally had a chance to see the actual Clear Lake for the first time and it wasn’t all that clear!