Korey Ray Wilson was so thankful and overjoyed he could not hold back the tears. He covered his face with one hand – while he used the other to keep his balance as he sat on the ground. This is after Wilson received a huge care package from some Guardian Angels he didn’t realize he had. Those angels go by the names of Frank and Edna Taylor. Two Houstonians who saw Wilson’s story on FOX and decided they wanted to help him and his pet cat. The couple went out Saturday morning and shopped for the Gulf War veteran who’s gone 7 years without his VA disability benefits. The delay has been so long Wilson is now living in a friend’s car with his cat. Wilson, a very proud man, said he didn’t get on tv to get charity. He said he simply wanted to bring attention to his plight. But Wilson was still very appreciative of what The Taylor family purchased for him and his cat. The box of goodies not only contained food and clothes for Wilson but food and kitty litter. The Insite would just like to personally thank Edna and Frank for caring enough to help a fellow human out. In the meantime, Wilson is still waiting to hear from the Department of Veterans Affairs about the benefits he’s been fighting for over the last seven years!