Monthly Archives: July 2007



I was in Clear Lake Thursday and I saw one of the funniest signs on a restaurant in a long time. It read We Got Crabs. I’m dying. Then as you look at the other sign posted on the seafood restaurant it reads: Giving Texans Crabs Since 1971! You have got to love a business owner with a good sense of humor. We Got Crabs: I’m laughing out loud as I type this!


I was in Clear Lake Thursday covering recent events at NASA involving the astronauts and the space program in general. What I was shocked to find was that people weren’t all that friendly. In fact, I ran into some people who were downright arrogant and mean. I haven’t been to Clear Lake to cover a story in almost two years and when I’m there I don’t usually talk with the general population but I was shocked at their behavior. At least some of them. I wanted to interview this guy who was standing outside of his car. So I explained the whole story to him which took about two minutes. When I was done I asked if we could get a comment on camera. Not a single word, he just got into his car, rolled up his window, smirked and drove off. How rude was that? Then I went to Frenchie’s restaurant where I wanted to talk to the customers about what was going on at NASA. There were two gentlemen at a table putting down several glasses of wine. I didn’t even approach them and they just started attacking me. I’m like what in the h— is going on in this city? They said I was biased even though they had never seen me on television and had no idea who I was. They were down right hostile. I told a fellow reporter about this when I got back to the newsroom. He said when he went to Clear Lake to cover the Lisa Nowak story he was called a liar and told to F— Off by a resident. What’s going on in that city. By the way, I finally had a chance to see the actual Clear Lake for the first time and it wasn’t all that clear!


Quanell X has been on a mission as of late to remove a certain song off the airwaves of Houston. The song is by Sean Kingston and it’s called Beautiful Girl. But the basis to the song is a man who says he’s going to kill himself because he lost his girlfriend. X says the message the song is sending is very dangerous and it should be pulled from the airwaves or edited not sending such a dark and dismal message on the radio. Quanell took his concerns to local radio stations and he tells The Insite 97.9 The Boxx and KRBE have agreed to edit or pull the song from their airwaves. What do you think? Should the song be pulled or is it artistic expression that shouldn’t be taken so seriously?