For those of you who haven’t heard of Bernard Goldberg – and I’m sure there are many of you out there – he was a long time reporter for CBS News. Now he’s a FOX News analyst. He appeared on Bill O’reilly Thursday night to analyze a Jesse Jackson interview. Jackson talked about what he called an injustice in Jena, Louisiana. There was a follow up to the Jackson’s segment with Goldberg and Jane Hall. Goldberg went off and was hot. Were his comments disturbing to you? I’m sure if he ever sees this he will say his comments were taken out of context. But here goes…And tell me if you think Goldberg, the once respected reporter from CBS News, went too far: “Parents, parents, there are no parents plural, Bill. Seven out of ten black kids in the United States of America grow up without a father around. These so called men aren’t men at all. They abandon their families. In the entire history of the planet, in the entire recorded history of the planet there has never been a greater voluntary absence of fathers from their children’s lives than there is in black America today. Damn it, that’s what’s wrong with black America.” Goldberg wasn’t done. He continued, “He (Jackson) needs to stand up and say you know what we can trace all of this back to slavery but guess what the slave holders aren’t coming back to fix it. You know who else isn’t going to fix it, the white bigots aren’t going to fix it. And you know who else isn’t going to fix it, government. They can’t make a fifteen year old girl not have sex and not have a baby. They can write laws and say you have to go to school but they can’t make a black kid get an education. They can’t make a black kid say to another black kid you’re acting white. (Hall interjects) That is liberal crap, it’s because they don’t have fathers.”

What do you think of Goldberg statement – right on or just over the top?