I have noticed every time OJ Simpson pops up on the news the Goldman family is running to court to file a claim on something. You remember Ron Goldman was killed with OJ’s wife Nicole back in the 90’s. Now, while Simpson was cleared in the criminal case he was found liable in the civil case. It was part of the lawsuit the Goldman family filed. They won a multi-million dollar judgement against Simpson that they haven’t been able to collect. Since then have you noticed every time OJ is in the news and is seen wearing a watch or trying to sell a book or sports memorabilia the Goldman family runs to court to file a claim on it. I’m not trying to be biased here but I think the more this family focuses on Simpson the less likely they are to bring closure in their sons death. It’s almost as if they’re on a quest for money rather than justice. Or money could be there justice. Just this week the family filed paper work to claim a Rolex they saw on OJ’s wrist from tv news reports out of Las Vegas. I wonder if they have a person who just sits around looking for signs of Simpson’s wealth. What’s your opinion on this?

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  1. jon December 12, 2012 12:18 pm 

    Fred Goldman is a leach who’s leaving on someone’s else blood. If he really cares for his son ( god have his soul in heaven ) HE must stop this nonsense and behave as mourning father. I read the book. It was disgusting. I can’t believe he sold his son’s soul for money. Publishing that book, makes him looks a monster. Despite the fact I don’t like J O Simpson, I can’t accept approve Mr. Fred Goldman doings. Mr. Fred you called the book disgusting indeed it is. Now you are publishing it to get the profits ????!!!!! Shame on you……..

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