It didn’t take KHOU TV 11 management long to recognize real leadership when Art Murray walked into their newsroom five years ago. He began as a photographer in Houston who found himself working weekends. That quickly changed when management realized who they had in their ranks. Murray was not just your average photog. He came with management skills. He previously served as a chief photographer in Memphis where he was seen as an educator and not a boss. He was responsible for sending photographers under his tutelage to some of the country’s largest markets. Photojournalists who realized they might not be in those markets if it weren’t for Murray. I can recall back in Memphis there were photographers who wanted to come and work at FOX 13 so they could learn from Art. After several years as chief he was elevated to interim News Director. That’s right he ran the entire newsroom in Memphis. He did scale back some of the Insite’s fill in anchoring but I’m not going to hold that against him. By the time he arrived in Houston management at KHOU apparently realized the leadership skills he had. The Omega, Grambling State University graduate and Emmy winner was quickly elevated to Operations Manager at the station. He is the logistics and management man. He doesn’t sit back in a cool office according to some of his co-workers – he’s out in the field helping and guiding crews. After several months of harassment I finally forced him to drop by The Insite. Hey Art, congratulations on your sucess and thanks for dropping by!