From the moment she walked into the elevator at the Harris County Criminal Courthouse I knew she was trouble. The woman you see pictured above shot a very ugly look at me as I stood in the back of the elevator. She was near the front. Standing beside her was a Hispanic male. It’ll become perfectly clear why I decided to use the man’s ethnicity in a minute. Anyway, the elevator starts moving up to the tenth floor when I hear the woman yell, “you standing on my motherf—–g foot.” The woman was loud and angry. The Hispanic guy responded in slight broken English, “I’m not standing on your foot.” The woman started yelling again saying, “you’d better stay off my motherf—–g foot.” The man, who had enough by then, said in a low voice, “you’re crazy.” That sent the woman into a tailspin. She was hot. When we got off the elevator she started calling the man stupid and what embarrassed me and left me upset were the next words to come out of her angry mouth. She turned around and yelled, “you need to go back home to your own damn country.” I thought it was an inappropriate comment and way over the top reaction to a possible mistake in the elevator. Everyone in the corridor was horrified. We all felt very sorry for the man who had just endured 2 minutes of verbal and possibly racial abuse. But the angry woman wasn’t done just yet. We all were on the 10th floor now waiting on the upper level elevators to arrive. The woman started ranting and raving about how long it was taking the elevators to arrive. She got on the nerves of everyone waiting. She was one of the meanest women I’ve encountered in Houston since arriving here 6 years ago. Make sure you all avoid the angry woman at all cost!