It was a packed house Tuesday night at club Venue’s (719 Main @ Rusk) Industry Tuesdays as family, friends, well wishers, party goers and fans came out to celebrate the life of Houston rapper Kenneth Moore better known as Big Moe (August 20 1974 –October 14, 2007). Big Moe was an original member of the legendary Houston rap alliance known as the Screwed up Click (S.U.C). The S.U.C. started out as a local group of rappers all hailing from the Southside of Houston lead by the late DJ Screw (Robert Davis) and turned into a coalition and affiliation of rappers that have achieved international fame. Big Moe obtained local fame on DJ Screw’s mix tapes and gained national recognition with hits such as Mann, Barre Baby, Purple Stuff, Just a Dog, and Flossin. Several S.U.C members including DJ Screw, Fat Pat, and Big Hawk have preceded Big Moe in death. All profits from Tuesday’s event were donated to the family of Big Moe, separate donations were also collected and the proceeds were donated to the family of Big Moe as well.

Rick of Get Wright Entertainment hosts Industry Tuesdays every week at club Venue which provides a wonderful outlet for established and up and coming artists to debut, and promote their work, while networking with others in the entertainment industry. This Tuesday served not only as the life celebration for Big Moe but also celebrated the album release for the Grit Boys. Industry Tuesdays often has live performances and has hosted several album release and listening parties. Although it is billed as Industry Tuesdays its not all work and no play. The Tuesday night spot had DJ Cool Aid and The GO-DJ DJ HI-C on the mic and kept the crowd bobbin there head and chunkin the deuce all through the night. Industry Tuesdays is a casual crowd and definitely a nice spot to check out on Tuesday nights.

Faces in the crowd included DJ Michael 5000 Watts( pictured above ) , Rick(pictured above of Get Wright Entertainment) , Mia Johnson, Money Marc(pictured above) and Toe Jam of Hall A Fame Entertainment, The GO DJ’S (HI-C, J QUE, Reggie Regg Pictured above), Slim Thug, Trae, Dr Teeth(music video producer pictured above) , Red(pictured above), Xavier(pictured above), Rap A Lot, Swishsa House, INDMIX.COM, Def Vibe, just to name a few!