It’s scary out there—have a safe, not tricky, Halloween

Trick or treaters will be out in force on Halloween. Drivers and trick or treaters need to follow safety precautions to ensure that they have a safe, not dangerous, holiday.

“Children and adults will be walking through neighborhoods all across Texas on Wednesday night. Many of those pedestrians will not be watching out for their safety, so drivers will have to be extra vigilant,” said Col. Thomas A. Davis Jr., director of the DPS. “Drivers should slow down, watch for trick-or-treaters and designate a sober driver. All pedestrians should pay attention to their surroundings.”

By following a few tips from the Texas Department of Public Safety, ghosts and goblins can return to their haunts safely and with a full bag of treats.

Have a safe costume:

ü Avoid toy guns and knives – they could be mistaken for the real thing.

ü Wear costumes that are light in color and short enough to avoid tripping.

ü Wear shoes that fit.

ü Place reflective material on the costume, so drivers can see you.

ü Avoid masks – use face paint instead for better visibility and peripheral vision.

ü Carry a flashlight.

Keep these tips in mind:

Ø Look both ways before crossing roadways. Always walk, don’t run.

Ø Cross the roadway at intersections and crosswalks when possible.

Ø Travel in groups with adult supervision.

Ø Do not enter the cars and homes of strangers. Avoid homes without visible porch lights.

Ø Make sure children know their home phone number and how to call 911 or their local emergency number if they have an emergency or become lost.

Ø Take all treats home for an adult to inspect before eating anything. Never eat unwrapped candy.