From Siegler’s website:

Kelly Siegler is law enforcement’s choice for Harris County District Attorney. These are the men and women that work tirelessly to make our streets safe. These officers know that it requires a dedicated prosecutor to handle their cases with experience and passion. Here are a few of them.

Here is part of the list of Siegler’s endorsements:

Homicide Sgt. Jim Binford (33 years experience)

“Kelly Siegler is not a politician – She is just the best prosecutor produced in our system and probably the United States.”
Chief Deputy Danny Billingsley (30 years experience)

“I’ve known Kelly Siegler for nearly 20 years. She is without a doubt the most prepared, thorough and fearless prosecutor I have ever had the privilege to work with. Kelly could have gone into private practice long ago and made a lot of money, but she is dedicated to prosecuting Harris County’s worst violent offenders. We could do no better than elect Kelly our next district attorney. ”
Homicide Sgt. Roger Wedgeworth (25 years experience)

“Without Kelly Siegler, we would not have solved half of the cases in the cold case squad that we did. She brought new perspective to our old techniques. She will bring new perspective and positive change to the DA’s office.”

Homicide Sgt. Bobby Roberts (22 years experience)
“There is no better candidate than Kelly Siegler for District Attorney.”

Homicide Investigator C. Abbondandolo (25 years experience)
“Kelly Siegler is the prosecutor that makes sure my victims are not forgotten.”

Homicide Sgt. Dave Ferguson (33 years experience)
“No one works harder than Kelly Siegler to see that justice is done.”

Homicide Sgt. P. Motard (33 years experience)
“Kelly Siegler is unmatched in her abilities in and out of the courtroom.”

Homicide Sgt. Eric Clegg (19 years experience)
“When you think of a real prosecutor, you think of Kelly Siegler.”
Homicide Investigator Fil Waters (24 years experience)

“Kelly Siegler is honest, thoughtful, deliberative, forthright and aggressive”