I’ve been called a race baiter here on The Insite several times over the last couple of months. That’s after writing about cases of legitimate discrimination on the blog. So, I decided I would look up the new conservative buzz term that’s being used by mindless drones who hear it on the radio. They use it quite often to imply that racism doesn’t exist any more. They claim it’s simply in the minds of African Americans or other minorities who complain they may have been turned down for a job because a less qualified white received it. Or the Hispanic who found himself beaten by a police officer. Or that black who found a noose in his locker at work. Or that Asian who couldn’t get into a local business because he or she wasn’t white. How dare a person of color complain about anything in 2008. After all the white male is the only person in this country who is facing any kind of discrimination. The US Census Bureau makes it clear minorities are getting too much of the pie already with their annual incomes. White household incomes only rose by only 1% between 2005 and 2006 to $52,400. Compare that to Hispanics mega median income of $37,000 and Blacks are just balling at $32,000 annually. Wikipedia defines race bating this way: The term for an act of using racially derisive language, actions or other forms of communication, to anger, intimidate or incite a person or groups of people, or to make those persons behave in ways that are inimical to their personal or group interests. – With that definition in mind I can’t find a single article on the blog where this applies. By I can find arrogant comments by those who have denial on the brain. Here’s an example of one bone headed moron who found a buzz term on conservative radio and thought his mindless tirade could translate into reasonable dialogue on the blog:

“…you’re starting to sound like Race-Baiter X!”

Just because you claim racism doesn’t exist doesn’t make it so. Just because you say someone is a race baiter to shut them up doesn’t mean it will happen. Here’s what you can do. Get a reality check because apparently you’re stuck in the 50’s where you think you could shut me up with your buzz words. It ain’t going to work buddy. I’s free now. And I’s will write what I please on this blog. And yes, racism doesn’t exist and so do mindless dummies. Now I feel kind of silly for responding to an anonymous email and comment. It’s like chasing a ghost in a white hood.